Stolen Pixels #143: Mario Interview Part 2

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Stolen Pixels #143: Mario Interview Part 2

Breen asks Mario the one question we've all had on our minds: Peach or Daisy?

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Yes Breen, Mario did just go there. =P

Oooooo, Mario's going to get brutally beaten by Metro after the show.

Breen got served

Mario went there and brought back a pizza that Breen doesn't want.

Metro = greatest addition of all time to Breens show.

Mostly because I did the same thing when Double Dash came out.

oh snap, Mario!
Hm, I wonder how Breen is going to bring that plumber down a peg or two

O_O Mario's rebuttal was HARSH. He was really rubbing salt on the wounds.

Ooooh low blow Mario.

At least he didn't mention the one girl that was supposed to be on Breen's side in his one game betrayed him.

I always teamed up Daisy and Peach in Double Dash. Even better!

Asswhooping! Keep it up Mario!

Perhaps he's more into Candy Kong.


Breen just got served on a silver platter with an apple in his mouth.

I think Breen is going to go a little crazy with revenge in the next comic.

"I think she's a very nice girl". Oh, Metro. I love you. :D

Cannot wait to see how this ends.

Oh it's on now!

Metro, best Combine ever.

"A ride to your magic mushroom kingdom" bwahahahaha

Susan Arendt:
Oh, Metro. I love you. :D

I think i can safely say that we all love Metro.

Oh, its on.

LoL good punchline! ^-^b

oh yes, he went there

Mario is just sore that he needs mushrooms to uh...grow. ;-)



Wasn't Breen technically also in Half Life 1 as 'the Administrator' though he was never mentioned by name?

I have a feeling that something bad will happen to Mario...

OOOOoooh Burn!

I've always wondered why people assumed that Mario didn't do anything with Peach. I mean, we never knew what happened after the credits.

Ooooh low blow Mario.

It's only because he can't reach above the belt, har har.

Anyway, if I was him I'd of let Peach die, stupid bitch. I hate him, but I hate her and then he rescues her all the time so I hate him more.

oh snap, 65 coins on mario, seems as good a way to end this chapter of stolen pixels as any.

Oh snap! Someone just got told!

Wasn't Breen technically also in Half Life 1 as 'the Administrator' though he was never mentioned by name?

I don't believe he ever appears on camera or gets mentioned. So no, he isn't in HL1.

Yeah she's a nice girl, if you like girls that are about as dense as the Great Wall of China.

Also, you tell 'em Mario!

DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN. Breene is pissed!

Breen is so gonna get Metro to beat him to a pulp when the credits roll. You diss the main guy in City 17, expect to get served...

I have always wondered what is up with Zelda and Link not being a couple and Mario and Peach not being a couple either, why do Nintendo have to be so over-innocent. who saves a princess without hoping for something in return?

Great strip, there is a part 3 right.

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