Press X To Not Die

This is the official thread for "Press X To Not Die".

Please tell us what you think of the game; use of the words "compelling" and "cinematic" are already assumed in your reviews.

Um, I guess this is funny as a satire. But that's one joke, not a game.

LOL. Totally loved it. Best game of this century.

Mmmmm...quick time events. Makes me think back to the vehicle part in Resident Evil 5. And that's not a good thing.

I got stuck on the "army of two" QTE. That's right, I got stuck on a frickin' quicktime event.

I enjoyed quicktime events for the most part...till now.

well done XD

Better than Half Life 2!


Take THAT Mew Two, your NEMESIS.

Kinda funny, ending was best.

Very stylish, I really loved the ending references thing and yeah. Sound could have been sampled a little bit better, but still lovely.


I do believe that a fresh new circle in hell has been drawn...

I'm pretty sure I'm pressing the X. Yet I died.

Oh the irony.

Hehe. I liked it. Kudos for the ending. I wish the sound bytes were better though.

I remember some Sega CD games that were only QTE.

In terms of gameplay, it is easy to see why it did not win.

But when it comes to referencing Zero Punctuation, this one takes the cake. It uses sound, graphics, and even situations from the show in a creative fashion. And it wraps it all up in Yahtzee's most despised game mechanic.

I have to give the author props for the comedy in this title. Though insanely simple, it is pretty well implemented. The use of the art assets and sound effects were both creative and humorous. It felt that it was very much in line with the style of the show. Brief, but manic and too the point.

The sound in this make it an annoyin game to play // usin half a second of Yahtzee voice can work but only if there is something playin along it just not screamed at you each time and out of no where


Fun, but I can't beat the army of two level.

And I loved quicktime events

that was strangely compelling and yours is the only game I actually enjoyed.

Well I spent a few minutes out of my life playing it, then completing it, it's got to mean something right.

I think thats the quickest I've ever started and finished a game though. Not long enough to get bored by or waste away trying to complete.

Given the subject matter and the chosen gameplay mechanics-- er, mechanic, I think it's about as fun as it could be, which I mean as a compliment.

Fun, but I can't beat the army of two level.

Neither can I. What happens after it?

Taking forever to load...


Fun, but I can't beat the army of two level.

Neither can I. What happens after it?

Batman, L4D2, Lego Indiana Jones, half life 2 then Yahtzee.

I can see why Yahtzee said many people forgot about the 'game' part, but this is the most fun non-game in the contest.

i just registerd 2 play this game .. and it whas awesome. BANG

Great to see so much positive feedback for my entry :D Also the lack of a flame-war in my topic is quite reassuring.

Like all the games in the contest, time constraints really limited how far I could take the game (or how close I could make it to actually qualifying as a game). I had plans to expand on the gameplay with a few more levels that used different keys, holding and releasing events and expanded events with combinations of several presses/releases/etc to make the gameplay more variable, and maybe adding some more frames to build up to each QTE, but the time constraints of the competition as well as personal time constraints blah blah blah you get the idea.

Thanks for playing!

i cant get the game 2 do any thing for me could it be cuz of a usb keyboard


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