Escapist News Network: Sorcerers Demand Equal Rites

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I think this was your best one so far, and that's saying something. Pure gold, Jerry. Gold!

fuck elves

LOL at bible on the 360

Was that Klaus Von Nomnombitterson I spied making a cameo in the Facebook feed?

Also, props to The Escapist for being a sponsor of Desert Bus this year. I hope a lot of people check it out.

We proud elven people are gravely offended.

You just don't want us in your game because our highborne magic would own you.

Look you're either on fire, or you're not; you can't be on fire twice.

...well, unless you're the Escapist News Network. Great show guys, keep 'em coming!

That was 100% laughs, crescendoing to the end. The Hi-Rez people cracked me the fuck up! Great to see industry people playing along! "I'm a quarter elf and you don't see me complaining." She really looks like it too! Hilarious! And the remark about "the subpar sequel degrading the entire package" had me rolling too. This show is a real winner!

Look you're either on fire, or you're not; you can't be on fire twice.

...well, unless you're the Escapist News Network. Great show guys, keep 'em coming!


ENN - a show so good it's on fire twice

My favorite ENN in a few weeks. I LOVED the Bible bit, and the in-depth report was really good this week.

Here! Here! It's the dwarves' turn to shine anyway! No more stupid "dwarf tossing jokes"! More hammering! Bigger axes! Interactive beer-drinking mini-games!

Keep those pussy elves in brothels and in France where they belong.

Elf brothel? Well, there goes my life savings...

The elf part was fucking hilarious. It had me laughing through the whole thing.

"If elves come around, there's gonna be trouble." (paraphrase)

"Re-release of two previous titles..." XD

How'd he nail that with a straight face?!

Fucking elves... send them back to the forests.

Yeah the fire smgs in borderlands. Setting something on fire multiple times all at the same time?

I can see why Elves have it so hard...
Considering the amount of trolls in the world!

Thank you for the political parody that is currently plaguing our President of the United States and all the ridiculous outrage how simple dissent means that a person is racist.

It is sad that we just take things to extremes in our society and not understand the context and putting the situation into something like this just proves how petty those people on both sides are.

Dwarves > Elves any day of the week.

And now we hand it over to "Eyebrows and the Thugs" with "Shooting (Reprised)"
The elf skit wasn't my favorite so far but it was a nice bit of "reverse racism" satire. (fay wine embargo tehehe)
A third installment to the Bible, HAHAHAHA that's funny stuff! it would be cinematic although I feel it wouldn't be compelling.
Huffing elves awkward. o.0 (it's so close to several inapropriate words....)
Over all I enjoyed it! Until next week.

Bible games... really?

Great episode guys.

Bunch of hoity toity, pointy-eared, smug...grrrr...

You got a problem with us Sylvan-Americans?

I disagree that you can't be on fire twice. ENN, Unskippable... If you count LRR you're on fire THRICE!

Two words.

Terry Pratchett.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who caught that :D

I noticed you didn't interview any goblins for this. What's the matter, too green to be considered for interviews?

actually too incompetent to give actual responses that dont involve gouging out eyes to an interview

Elves are genetically superior, we actually bothered to invent technology.
were equal

btw, where can i find a group of elves?

Was it just me or did the elf just end up being Irish .... Well done guys keep up the great stuff....
Heres to a 10 Point desert bus run ....

I hate the stereotypical fantasy races. I'm glad someone's starting to make fun of them.

Great video guys. I liked the Bible game bit best, and the interviews were good too. Keep 'em coming!

There is a lot of elf talking today on the escapist. Between ZP and this.

That video was very tepid lol

Elves....once a great entertaining people, now have unfortunately become as stuck up as their ears

Stupid elves...


Stupid, stupid elves.

This is becoming my favorite weekly show here. Great job, keep it up!

Also, fuck Elves. Wait sorry, fuck sylvian-amricans.

i liked the borderlands ref(fire cant stack)

Is it just me or does Elf-Kathleen remind anyone of Carrie Fisher? (somewhere between The Burbs and Fanboys(in a good way))

Totally unrelated joke: No power glove, no power love.

Spectacular episode, the bible review had me laughing hysterically before the ZP reference sent me through the roof.

I can't wait for the Desert bus charity drive, and good luck on surpassing your previous best!

I don't really see what the problem is that us elves are better than you. I mean, you evolved from fish. That's just sad really. And Dwarves just jump out of holes. I would also like to point to that we are also being portrayed as either slaves or living out our lives as forests, in that game Dragon Age: Origins. Game developers should take a long hard look at themselves with their stereotypes. Then again I suppose that we could expect nothing else from creatures evolved from fish.

desert bus??

Silvan Americans. LOL

"I don't hate elves, I'm just saying that if one of those pointy-eared freaks shows up here there's gonna be trouble."

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