Zero Punctuation: Dragon Age: Origins

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Dragon Age: Origins

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Dragon Age: Origins.

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coolio, awesome vid man


damn you,sir.


Jesus did any of you even SEE the vid? IT WAS JUST ADDED!!!

At home with the Shingles, this really cheered me up. Keep it up, Ben.

This flows like a checklist for why I only play FPSRPG's with a Sci-Fi feel. Tolkein was brilliant, but can we please innovate at least a little bit?

So, Yahtzee decided to review a recent game, this time?

I can't help but feel third place should have been 1st place...


I find it amazing that you posted a minute after the video was made about how great it was and now you're bothering them. Not cool.

Gr8 as usal but i wish hed review mount and blade cos its very indie


OT: "So is the Dragon Age like the Bronze Age, and now everything is made out of dragons?"
That right there made my day

Okay... So I like get Dragon Age then, but I also like sex with Girls.
But which is better?

There's only one way to find out...


guess he liked it despite all the criticism
most of the criticism isnt even aimed at the game

well being one of the few people who actually watched through the video before posting something i just want to say this was a good review, i am frankly gagging for dragon age origins anyway but this was a good review anyway with a great point about the standardisation of fantasy
congrats too the stonking great GAME contest winner!

also @ catkid thats a point of win for the harry hill reference

YAAAY! I was really wondering about this game, my friends all liked it.
I have to say, I share the same disenchantment and dislike with Yahtzee over the issue of the same "elf, human, dwarf, Tolkien" bullshit. That actually is what made me not want to buy the game, because it looked like the definition of traditional fantasy, of which I'm bored out of my mind from. But I'm guessing, from Yahtzee and my friends, that they do it so well that it's still engrossing and enjoyable as if it was something brand new.
(I'm still gonna rent it first though)

so i see the contest is over, i haven't yet played any of thos three due to them just bieng released, but i guess i'll give them a try

a Bioware game with no text would be like a strip club with no woman: it makes u think somethings missing. and is it me or did some of those games play them selves, literally?

"Hello, you are an elf"

Hilarious xD



OT: "So is the Dragon Age like the Bronze Age, and now everything is made out of dragons?"
That right there made my day

Seeing the Civilisation box made my day =D

I still have it somewhere, on its several floppy disks.

I've been thinking about Dragon Age for a while now, still not sure if I want to buy it or not...

Great review, though is that small bit about the game contest all he was going to do with that?

sCUNThorpe, eh? I must remember that the next time we play them.

Third place in the contest sounds awesome, apart from the weapon imbalances.

I can't believe that he complained that the game is too long. Wtf, I thought that playing a short game was bad and a reasonably-sized one was too boring. You can't really win with Yahtzee can you?

If Mass Effect hated you for not spending several hours in the Codex, then Dragon Age will kill your family and desecrate their corpses if you don't.

Well glad to hear dragon Age is not a bad game, good review.

And congrats to the winners of the ZP game contest.

I was wondering if he was going to review this since I was almost certain that given the amount of time he has to put one of these together isn't that long. I thought instead he was going to review the contest winners, but I can see now that people would be dissatisfied with that since it would be a 1 minute review.

Funny review and im glad Yahtzee like it I pretty much expected he would react like that to the fan made games tho as if the entire review for it was an afterthought.

Great review, I'd hoped you'd go more in-depth in your review of the ZP games though.

Nice review, I didn't think that Yahtzee would give this one a positive review, actually, I'm not really sure if he gave it a positive review. But he did gave a recommendation to anyone who likes RPGs, and that's exactly what I'd say if I was reviewing it. Also, it was one of the funniest reviews in recent times and I really like the reference to DA:O at the end: "In the name of the maker!"

a shame he bought the 360 version, but i agree to a certain degree, i did find that the only difference my origin and race made where that once in awhile someone would say "you are a dwarf", but i did enjoy the dialog more than any of biowares other games, and DA:O is the best rpg i have ever played, and by golly i have wasted many lifetimes playing rpgs.

Very good. Was considering getting this and now the similarities to mass effect have piqued my interest.

Haven't played the game, now I don't know what to think of it after that review. Seems interesting enough to risk buying it though.

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