Escape to the Movies: The Road

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When are people going to get that books like this don't work as movies? At least full length ones? I mean alot of the really neat shit you can do in a book doesn't work worth a fucking damn in the visual world. It's like say, trying to make a movie out of house of leaves, you just can't fucking do it and still capture the feeling of the source material. I will give them credit that they did try damn hard, it's a beautiful and very atmospheric film, but they can only do so much.

Damn, I love post-apocalypse cinema and thought this looked decent from the trailer. Vigo's casting should have tipped me off (seriously, has he done anything good since "Lord of the Rings?"). Didn't know it was based off a book, so I might go check that out at least.

Er, you didn't enjoy A History of Violence or Eastern Promises? I know I did enough to say they are DVDs to own. *shrug*

Edit: Hehe, I scroll down a few posts and find you were already suggested these. :P :D

I see that somebody is a big Read or Die fan.

Two Read or Die references in the same video? Lets not get careless with our obscurity, lest it become... unobscure? Maybe just scure?

My take on the film:

"Hey look, two extremely talented and well-known film-makers made an amazing film out of one of this guy's books! Lets dig through and find another! Then we will BECOME talented and well-known!"

I'm sure it was not quite so hackneyed and blatant as that, but it sure feels that way.

one says it all word... muffins

Sorry if this has been said. I don't have time to read back over 4 pages, but I really want to shoot my mouth off.

Why did the Mad Max series have evil Fetish Bikers and why did Fallout 3 have supermutants and the Enclave? Because, like Bob said, you get the "this is the Post-Apocalypse and everything, including the people, are trashed" point visually after about 30 seconds. You then have to do something with it, because the point has been made. 2 hours dedicated solely to that point? Why? WE GOT IT.

There seems to be this big thing in Hollywood now about being utterly faithful to source material. They spent YEARS adapting books into movies by throwing away all but the original premises and adding tons of sex and explosions. But now all of a sudden everything has to be perfectly accurate? Guys, there was a reason your forebears did what they did: books aren't movies.

I can't believe they need the wheel invented again. You'd think they could buy some quality art of film consultation with all that money we throw at them.

I've been wondering about this movie. I did my best to read the book but it's a whole lot of nothing, despite my best efforts to appreciate it for what it was.

You mean like the evil sin that is "All the Pretty Horses" movie? *shudder* I think because "No Country for Old Men" did so well is why a lot of people think "The Road" and others will do as well. In truth, it's mainly the casting... Cormac doesn't exactly do story other then a sudden instance of things, but I have yet to read that book of his so...yeah...

I have a problem with the fact that he literally states that it bored him and therefore was crap. Btw I also thought Adaption was boring and Nick cage is pure rubbish, but hey I'll state my bias I can't stand Nickolas Cage. I think if he's gonna review films he owes us the same.

I understand that he didn't enjoy it because it was too simplistic? Visual? but as a self-proclaimed intellectual critic I think he needs to have a rubberstamp on his reviews that says "I bore easily". Not every film needs something exploding and someone getting shot every 5min to be enjoyable. The trailer in no way indicates anything is going to happen other than a quick chase scene. I just don't think anyone should take his reviews as the end all be all answer to " Should I see this movie?"

Personally, I hate Nicolas Cage too, and I still loved Adaptation, but that's just me.

Anyway, Bob actually SAYS, explicitly, at one point in this review that not every film needs something exploding and someone getting shot every five minutes. The problem is, a film does need SOMETHING to happen in it. It doesn't have to be two-fisted action, but there has to be conflict, otherwise it IS boring. Your thoughts on whether being bored is FUN, of course, may vary.

why the fuck are you censored now?!? it sucks!

Dear movie bob

I love all your reveiws. When ever You recomend a movie i check it out(like equilibrium and drag me to hell). And I owe you my eternal gratitude for putting my hatride for The Transformers movies into words.

I think its freaky how every movie you like i like and every movie you like I like and every movie you don't, i don't.

Then you Hinted in this video That your a tool fan and my head just exploded

... Anyways.

I have not even heard of this movie until now but it looks like the kind of thing that would start off great and just start to die slowly from sheer bordom and uneventfullness

I agree with this video. If I wanted to do nothing for two hours except watch boring uninteresting people I'd go visit my family.

I am Jack's profile:
Then you Hinted in this video That your a tool fan and my head just exploded

Y'know, it's funny - I was always under the impression that "Tool" was one of those bands that really ONLY had fans; as in... "if you know who they are at all, you probably don't hate them." Now, granted, I know next to nothing about the music-fandom scene; I've just never met anyone who knew who Tool were who didn't like what they knew of.

Still hate the bleeping over swearwords, Bob. Fix it.

W00t Ingmar Bergman, go sweden

Damn, I love post-apocalypse cinema and thought this looked decent from the trailer. Vigo's casting should have tipped me off (seriously, has he done anything good since "Lord of the Rings?"). Didn't know it was based off a book, so I might go check that out at least.

Ok, friend. Let me give you a little hint as to what he's done since you seem to be pretty damn stupid. The History of Violence. Eastern Promises. OH look! Two fantastic movies. He was WAYYYYY better in both of these movies than his melodramatic Aragorn was in any of the Lord of the Rings movies. He's a great actor.

The beeping is so offensive it should be censored.

That's fine and all, we disagree again. I see "2012" and all its "stuff going on" and am bored, I see "The Road" with far less, and I enjoy it. People interest me, their emotions, their relationships, as the clip from Adaptation, in part, stated that if you see nothing in life, you're not paying attention. Maybe the characters don't draw your attention, subjectivity is well and good and appreciate that, just disagree with what constitutes boring.

I can't believe their actually trying to make Blood Meridian into a movie. that's even more reliant on atmosphere than The Road.

I've heard similar things from other reviewers.

Pity. I really enjoyed the book, and thought it would translate fairly well to the silver screen.

Chances are I'll see it regardless.

well said about the adaptation scene, i'm sad you didn't find this movie great but I still hope to see it

bleeping is way funnier than non-bleeping when done correctly, for the most part bob does it well

I'm slightly annoyed that there seems to be a turn towards censoring the F word in videos.

Either leave it out (least favourite), reduce it to F- or lower that damn bleep sound, or let us have an 18 version.

Don't go all Atkinson on us. :(

YES! Please stop the censoring!

Reasonably well done review, and kudos for mentioning 12 Angry Men, one of my all time favourite films :)!

I really love these reviews, the way your brain works, the things you explain my perfect sense. Even if I like a movie you don't I can see all your points are perfectly valid. The style of the visuals during the review are great too, I especially enjoy he continued use of Fawful.

Question - what are the visuals like in this? I can handle two hours of boring and poorly paced cinematography if it offers some well concieved post apocalyptic vistas.

Of course, then I'd have to call it research, but meh...

Unlike other reviews, I find myself strongly disagreeing with Moviebob's review of 'The Road'. I read the book and saw the movie, and I liked them both. The movie is about as bleak and unforgiving as the book(Although the movie ends on a somewhat more hopeful note). First of all, the film, like the book, isn't supposed to have a plot. It is simply telling of the journey a man and his son took, trying to survive and stay 'good' in a hopelessly destroyed world. The boy wasn't really whiny- he didn't really complain that much at all. I have to agree with some earlier posters that Moviebob does bore easily. I don't know how MovieBob can see this movie and walk away being totally indifferent and unaffected by all that took place. I just don't know. Maybe he just doesn't like atmospheric movies, or that he's jaded by other movies,but I found a lot in 'The Road', and I walked away knowing that I had seen a good, satisfying movie. I also walked away in a depressed mood. Both the book and the movie will leave you emotionally drained.

I suggest that people take what Moviebob says with a grain of salt. Read other reviews and get a better opinion about it before just writing it off. I say it's worth a go. However, if you really don't want to see the movie, you should at least read the book. 'The Road' is a MUST read.

bleeping is way funnier than non-bleeping when done correctly, for the most part bob does it well

Well, i think it's not so much as when it's done correctly. To me it's the volume difference, i listen to these reviews in a pretty low volume because the sound effects would otherwise be outrageously ear deafeningly high.

I feed on his rage of the HALO universe, his fan boyish level of high pitched whining is priceless. Also, The Road is a good book and the movie does a decent job of conveying the book.

I actually think I'm starting to like MovieBob. I sure as hell don't agree with him most of the time, but he's very good at what he does. Of course, movie taste is, in the long run, subjective, and so I couldn't care less about what he has to say about the movie (put it this way; he may dislike the movie all he likes, but if I like it, I'm not going to change my opinion because of what he says), but he's just a very smart, very talented movie reviewer, and it's a pleasure to see his movies. And he obviously knows his stuff. Plus, he's the only other guy than me who I know that actually liked G.I Joe (damn it, but that film was fun).
Anyway, keep 'em coming Bob. It's wonderful to hear a smart and well thought-through analysis for a change. This one was great, and I've loved the recent ones in general.

I salute you for the use of Fawful.

You know, it amazes me how egocentric and intolerant some of you people are. So you don't agree with Bob? Fine, but your disagreement in no way invalidates his opinion. At least he presents logical arguments to support his conclusions, while you just try to write off his dislike as 'he bores easily'. (Well, somebody else mentioned that they liked character studies, and I suppose that makes sense, but I'm betting that's the exception, not the rule-- so when considering the majority of the audience for the review itself, maybe it should be mentioned that your average reader of the Escapist might find the movie a little slow, hmm...?)

Look, maybe Bob had a street-vendor double chili dog and the kidney-buster sized soda before he sat down to watch "the Road" and so he was a little more impatient than usual... it doesn't change the fact that he thinks there was not enough going on (which does not necessarily mean that there were not enough loud bangs either) and he fucking explained his thoughts pretty clearly and consicely. Feel free to agree or disagree, but don't try to claim that he is wrong in his subjective assessment-- that's just arrogant to the point of being asinine.

The bottom line is that he didn't care for this movie for reasons X, Y, and Z. I will consider how I feel about reasons X, Y, and Z and make a slightly more informed decision as to whether or not I wish to see the movie. That is the whole point of movie and game reviews. Just like I don't say to myself "Yahtzee didn't like that game so I'm not going to buy it... durdurdur..." I'm not going to decide if I want to see a movie solely on what Mr. Chipman says, either. I'll take Bob's opinion under advisement and make my own decisions. Do the same or start your bleating now.

In re: the cussing. I personally find it hard to express myself without using the word 'fuck'. I understand that some people use it as a schtick to be 'shocking'. It's just my opinion, but that really doesn't seem to be the case here, given that Bob only trots it out when he wants to increase emphasis, and has been fairly consistent in his use in all the reviews that I have seen. But regardless, to the one or two persons who asked that the artist change his thusfar successful formula (of which the complaint of the majority of viewers seems to be with the bleeping of the profanity rather than the profanity itself), get the fuck over yourself. When, exactly, did the universe start to revolve around you?

Myself, I would only ask that Bob consider having the person responsible for the audio mix lower the level on the beeps. They really seem obnoxiously loud in comparison to the rest of the dialog. Otherwise, it's his show, so I guess he can do whatever he feels comfortable with as far as the swearing/no swearing, beeping/no beeping.

PS- In re: Tool. I think you can dislike their music, but if someone tried to deny that they are very talented musicians (and that Maynard James Keenan is a hell of a lyricist), it would make that person look very ignorant on the subject of musical talent.


Ugh. Love the show, but the (BLEEEEEEP)ing bleeps are pissing me off.


2)Lone Wolf and Cub is really, really bad. Exceptionally cheesy (Gun in pram...come on...)

The Lone Wolf and Cub manga is essentially a collection of vignettes that are hands down the best samurai stories in existence. The movies are pretty slow, but the vignettes in the manga are beautiful, bloody, moving, and... ...oh go read it and then you'll understand what Movie Bob means about it and 'Road to Perdition'

this film succked!!!!!!!

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