Unskippable: Jak II

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Jak II

Jak and Daxter take a trip to another world, dragging Graham and Paul along.

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haha, nice guys, good work as always! Keep on Busing (spelling?) "I'll Get you Gadget!!!"

I was hoping for an older game ^^ Although I can't see how this is supposed to be a bad cutscene, I love it... OK, maybe it's a LITTLE stupid...

good work on the video guys

shameless plug: you can see paul RIGHT now on www.desertbus.org its for the children!


hidden walls:

shameless plug: you can see paul RIGHT now on www.desertbus.org its for the children!

Indeed. You all should go over there now.

Right now.

...Why are you still here?

I loved Jak 2. I cheered when I saw it up.

Very cool unskippable, loved the "Meanwhile in Ratchet & Clank" I'm glad I'm not the only one that connected these two series.

Interesting, I recently picked up the first three Jak & Daxter games. Playing the second right after the first makes the dark overhaul especially silly.

EDIT: Also, was expecting a Protoss joke instead of the Inspector Gadget reference.

And mothers everywhere regret buying the cartoony game.

That was great guys! :D

Haha! Loved the game and love the work on this cut scene. Dead-on on the rails around testing area comment. It's become a staple of villains to never use railings where appropriate.

yes slowly...just like that. WIN.

I loved Jak II. I never expected them to take a game this old...

Impressive that they found time to make this with the whole bus thing going on.

very good guys, certainly not as good as your Ace Combat 6 or Star Ocean but by no means bad! (it's hard to mock something that is meant to be dumb) I was always was a Ratchet and Clank fan...would love to see you do an episode with the opening scene of R&C 1...couldn't skip them the first time through and there's like three 3 minute cut scenes too lol. Anyway back to the point, love the show, loved the episode, take care gentleman and good luck with Dessert Bus!

One of the best games the PS2 ever put out.

Well I would've made several Stargate references, but good work anyway guys.

Good game, clever remarks and a loudmouth rodent sidekick...that's a good video right there :)

Very amused. Great job guys.

"Jak: the missing link between Crash and Nathan Drake." Perfect line to go out on. Good job!

So the Precursors built a Stargate h-uh?

Sheesh, I coulda told you being within close proximity of Daxter will invoke a berserker rage in anyone. But does anyone listen to me?

And now they're in the esophagus...OF TIME.

Good one this week, guys.

"I'll get you next time gadget" and "Take them on slowly..." was just priceless
I love Jak 1, 2 and 3 the other spin-offs like Jak X and such is just bad compared to this shiny jewel.

EDIT: And to those who wonder how they did it. They commented this on desertbus, they said they made it before desertbus started

I couldn't tell which of you two did the, Dr. Claw impression (I think it was Graham) but that was awesome. That basically means you can also sound like every character Frank Welker has ever voiced...and that's alot of voices.

Great job on this weeks episode. I would very much like to see an UnSkippable episode for the following games:

The Warriors *PS2 & Xbox*

Mobile Suit Gundam - Gundam vs. Zeta Gundam *PS2*

Team Fortress 2 - Meet the Character Cutscenes *Xbox 360*

Bully - Scholarship Edition *Xbox 360 & Wii*

Sword of the Berserk - Guts Rage *Dreamcast*

That's about it from me. See you guys next week!

Nothing like hearing the great voice of Clancy Brown as an overgrown rodent with a giant moustache.

I guess that can count as the link between Crash Bandicoot and Jak II?

One of the best games the PS2 ever put out.


Wow it took him two years to rescue Jak. Remind me never to count on Daxter if I'm ever captured...or for anything.

The esophagus... of time!
I gotta admit, I joined the Escapist purely for Zero Punctuation, but Unskippable is legendary.
The Escapist - Come for ZP, stay for Unskippable. And pie.

Probably my favorite game of all time. I did an obligatory fist bump when I saw it was up. Great video, too.

Woo! This review takes me back to the PS2 era when myself and a friend played the Jak games (only 2 and 3 for some unknown reason) Absolutely THE best PS2 games ever! Great show guys!

I honestly pissed myself when I saw Jak 2. Good work guys, best one yet! Oh and thanks for taking me back to the old PS2.

You stole my heart with the Inspector Gadget reference.

Edit: nevermind, works now

Man I haven't heard an Inspector Gadget joke in AGES! Made my day. THanks guys.

That intro video to Jak II was a bit of a slap in the face after all the time spent in Jak I. It's like, hey, good job in the last game. Your reward? 2 years of torture! I actually tuned out a bit from the Unskippable jokes because I was a little too involved in remembering that. Jak 2 was a pretty cool game, though - it did Sandbox well and early after GTA 3 made it seem like a good way to go.

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