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I liked the parody of how parents view video games.

Finally, Nintendo gets what's coming to them!

Pictochat is finally on the hate list

I do love these - the LoadingReadyRun guys and gals are brilliant. Also, all glory to the Octopimp!

Keep on rollin' with the Desert Bus guys!

A Red Green Refrence? I love y'all even more.
Great show,by the way.

Bussing excellent!


You've got to watch out for those penises getting put in your head.

Thought it was great. Cheers.

Ugh. I love this segment, don't get me wrong. And Kathleen De Vere is pretty hot. But her diction is terrible. I can hardly understand what she's saying. No real news channel would give her the time of day.

Props to Octopimp for getting into ENN! He deserved it!

Hahaha, my favourite ENN episode so far! Really fun chat about the penises and the game. :)

Ha, was great. My favourite yet.

haha i love the Octopimp reference at the beginning

Nice Take on Fox news and i love the Red Green Line XD great job

Marvelous. XD My favorite episode. While the others were usually just "good" this one was hilarious.

Best one so far, seem to figure out how to pace the jokes. Love the Red Green reference and that other people got it. To those who have no clue what I am talking about here is a link to help you. the cool thing is that actually works for the coffee one.


"We should really watch these before we air them..."

Awesome guys.

That's especially funny given the fact that the anchor desk bits for this episode were recorded significantly earlier than the correspondent bits, since the LRR crew is currently using the desk set for Desert Bus. Not only had he not watched that segment before it aired, that segment hadn't even been filmed when that commentary was made.

Please, god, PLEASE, tell me that woman wasn't being serious and was all a joke.

I love you Kathleen DeVere!!!!!!!!!!
You to Graham.

where did the main story take place?, the mother talked in a very British accent, while Kathleen's alter ego spoke in a very Canadian accent and they did an interview at Nintendo America, very confusing, and i agree whit Graham, Kathleen is so not fly.

I loved the parents reactions in the main story and how do you guys find time to hunt vampires as well?

@swaki that's Graham's mom, who is in fact British and they live in British Columbia. Loved the mom line, "I dont know where he would even have seen a...penis" lol.

OCTOPIMP!!! The Gamestop bit was my favorite. I honestly wasn't expecting a show...

Graham's mom is even more upset about this than that time she found all those polyhedral dice.

Glory to the Octopimp!

lol it's those chats in the intro to the credits that make me watch the whole thing
i was laughing my ass off when you mentions "Special Mario Bros" and "Poke man" XD

That was an awsome show, and an epic Octopimp reference. Power to the pimp!

lmao i think this is the best one sofar!
" i blame nintendo for putting penises in his head !!! "
ill be laughing at that one for a few days

Yeah, another Red Green fan here. Hearing that old familiar phrase again brought a smile to my face. The eerily accurate Under Pressure / Ice Ice Baby discussion was just icing on the cake. The Pictochat report: also nice. Every parent should know the dangers of letting your child use anything creative that can be twisted to create works of art that make Baby Jesus cry.

"Are you a ha-ter?"

Nice, could keep me laughing for a long time.

Vanilla Ice 4 life.

John and Edward reference FTW! I didn't expect to hear anything about that in a Canadian video, given it's from a UK TV show...

(for those of you not from the UK, John and Edward are Irish twins on the UK singing talent reality series The X Factor, and are probably the most annoying contestants in several years. When the theme was Queen one week, they butchered Under Pressure in a mash-up combining it with Ice Ice Baby. To say it was terrible is an understatement.)

Anyway, great video, and it's great seeing the 'auxilliary' members of the LoadingReadyRun crew taking part too, like Graham's Mom for instance... :D. Looking forward to next week's video!

Loved it. Absolutely loved it.

"Octopimp" was great. I love that in every episode, always look for it. And the Red Green reference at the end, YAY! Loved that show. :D

"Would you like some crap with your game?" Although I love GameStop, I do agree with the statement. I think it's a ridiculous plan to have to have to buy downloadable content from them, and I love the rant about all the other BS you can get from them as well. XD

And the special investigative report - hilarious. I've never bothered to play Pictochat before, but this was pretty rich.

Can't wait for more ENN!

I wasn't expecting to see Woody from the elevator show on here. Well since they are both working on Desert Bus it was easy to do.

Great episode guys, I laughed so hard at the Red Green reference.


"I blame Nintendo for putting penises in his head" or "So Not Fly!"...

Bronwyn is that special kind of scary that comes from being a little too close to the truth.

Red Green reference ftw! Next time, use the Chicken Cannon please.

Also, there is a mood for listening to "Ice Ice Baby"'s called suicidal.
Well done as always LRR, keep the laughs coming please.

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