Alt+Escape: Trap Master

Alt+Escape: Trap Master

Show those goddamn adventurers who's the boss 'round these parts.

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Guess what you just made happen to all the important work I need to do? You made it get ignored. I hope you're well-pleased with yourself.

Oh god I hate that game :P

It's not fun at all and its kinda boring but its so addictive >.<

Tried it, not a huge fan. That's mainly because it runs slowly on my computer though, the concept is pretty nifty. Gameplay is simple and easy to understand, controls are pretty easy to use, and the graphics look good. Not my type of game really, but worth a try :)

alt+escape has made me an avid user of armorgames so, sadly it has become old news... still awesome though. And oh, so is the game.

Oooh, too bad I had play it before already.
It's a really nice game though. Quickly addictive.

Eh, I got bored of it pretty quickly.

why do you pick every game that I just finished playing. You have for the last 5 weeks. May I suggest going to some more obscure sites? And not ones featured on Kongregate...

Once again, Mr. Funk, you have reviewed a game I played and finished about 2 weeks ago. It gets ridiculously easy once you have some traps to cover you while you destroy everything with charge shot.


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