Anime Review: Dragonaut: The Resonance, Part One

Anime Review: Dragonaut: The Resonance, Part One

Dragonaut is an anime about breasts, and not much else.

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I could hardly believe this license was picked up when I heard about it. People would be better off buying something like Shinkon Gattai Godannar. Then at least you'd have some story to go along with the titties and mechas.

So, so far, these reviews have been great, showing me why I haven't heard of these horrible anime. Plus, I can add them to the "Avoid at all costs" list.

I am curious, though, to what your reaction would be to the complete opposite end of the exploitation anime. As in, Strike Witches (the complete opposite in character design. Most of the characters are Loli's... even the adults). This too is on my avoid list, but it wasn't until after I watched 2 episodes on a bet.

damn >< now i feel bad for finishing the anime and liking it :p

Saw the ad on NuklearPower...Thought it would be something like this. Thanks for confirming.

Dragonaut: The Resonance is one of two animes I've watched through to completion, and I still have to agree on all points. The fascination with huge breasts, the laughable premises of the Jin/Toa/Gio and Jin/Kazuki/Gio relationship triangles, and the distinct lack of any direction for the first episodes made it pretty bad.

I will say that it gets slightly better towards the end. After the events on Mars, it definitely picks up a bit (not to mention offing some of the more annoying characters), and there actually seems to be some sort of point to the whole mess. Still not really worth watching, but worth noting at least.

And its not like it was even a bad premise. I personally think that something good could have come from it if they had first made the characters/relationships believable, and second found a way to launch the plot earlier and with more clarity.

I just watched the Pilot episode. By Crom, that was confusing. The episode managed to get halfway through without massive boobsploitation, but then the bazongas came out, as did the pretty boys (one of them appeared to be a cross between Sephiroth and a hot librarian. He seemed kind of cool).

The opening episode spent a lot of time setting up plot threads that ought to be compelling but didn't really hook me in. Also, the main character is cut from the same ineffectual emo cloth as Shinji from Neon Genesis Evangelion. I disliked Shinji, and I dislike Jin even more. I hope he'll snap out of it one day, but I don't intend to watch that far. Sorry, Jin. When you're that ineffectual from day 1, the vague promise of a crowning moment of awesome is not enough to keep me interested.

On the subject of Evangelion, these two series seem to touch on similar subjects, but Evangelion does so better. The action was more interesting, the various plot threads were less confusing (at the beginning, anyway, which is what matters for a first episode), the look was better (better animation, more interesting visual design - although there were a few nice touches in Dragonauts, like the giant rail launcher)...but most importantly, the central promise of the series was delivered much more readily. In Evangelion, it was giant angel-mech-thingies, which we got. In Dragonauts, it's dragons. The only dragons I saw in episode 1 were in the closing credits.

Indeed, this whole "waiting to show us the dragons" bit is really bad form. Did Pokemon wait until episode 2 to give us Pikachu? Did Death Note wait until episode 2 to start writing off criminals? No! They hooked us in with the central promise right away. Also, to clarify, I say that the "dragons disguised as humans" don't count. If it neither looks like a dragon, nor sounds like a dragon, nor inflicts city-wide property damage like a dragon, it will not suffice for me.

This is a lot to say about the pilot episode, and I am being unfair here. Still, a first episode has to count for something. This one gave me emo and tits in the place of dragons, and a plot I couldn't grok. The series may get less confusing over time, but I suspect that if I waited around long enough for that to happen, the onslaught of boobage, emo, and not-dragons would take all the fun out of it.

Farewell, Dragonauts. We shall not cross paths again.

Absolutely agreed. I started watching it last week, and found the caracters themselves extremely over dramatic, to the point where at one point or another, every character came across a douchebag, and also becomes Corporal Major Sunshine in some other scene.

I'm gonna have to agree with the review, except that I watched both seasons since I didn't feel like watching Gurren Lagann for the fifth time, and I have to say, no other anime has made me want to see the main characters brutally murdered after saying "our love will prevail" or something like that.

The series has a tiny amount of comedy and a tiny amount of potential, but the rest just sucks.

Bah, this was entertaining at the very least. If nothing else, watching the final joke episode makes the series worth watching. So funny.


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