230: The Pains of Being The Guy

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Played it for a few minutes, realized that Dante Must Die mode in DMC3 was much, much kinder to me. Went with that.

Imagine if this was a real game on the SNES and AVGN reviewed it.

He'd have killed himself.

WOW old news is old, there's loads of playthroughs for this game now, which I recommend more then playing the game yourself btw unless you're... you know what I JUST CAN'T RECOMMEND THIS GAME! TO ANYONE! IN FACT RECOMMEND IT TO SOMEONE YOU HATE YEAH!

300lb. Samoan:
Is anyone having trouble with the double jumps on this game? I'm only on the second screen and most of the time I'm losing is because the double jump doesn't fire. I'm getting pissed not because the game is hard, but because it's apparently broken.

edit: I REPENT!! It was me, not the game. Stupid clouds clips much further from their edges than I expected. Every time I was trying to jump off, I was falling off first instead and that's why the double jump wasn't working right. No flames, please!

Yeah don't worry about, it's really only a problem in a few screens, well, almost half but...it'll work out.

On that note, DIEE munster, you don't belong in this world!

It's great fun! Gotta love the humor and megaman/kirby/mario/whatever inspired world, but it's IMO the hardest game ever. Call me a noob or whatever, but I truely think it is.

Ah the psycological pains of i wanna be the guy
the game was fun but at times I was ready to rip my hair out of my head
I guess thats what made the game fun in the first place......the desperate hopes of the next screen having a save point and the wishing you could finally kill the boss. Yes that is what makes this game awesomely addicting and...cruel

I have beaten this game 4 times now and I still think It's hard
(medium 1 time, hard 2 times and very hard 1 time)

I have read that It's 62 saves on medium, 41 on hard and 22 on very hard

God... This is a fun game. I really feel like a masochist going back and playing it over and over again. Never actually beaten it (because... well you can guess why.) but every so often I'll remember it, play it for a few days, then continue on with my life.

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