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Guild Chat

Graham interviews members of The Guild.
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The whole over-credits slagging match was brilliant.

Why is Jeremy the only one not looking in the camera, ever. It looks kind of awkward.

Other than that, fantastic episode, I love ENN :)

Ah, that interview was like a reverse-Colbert in terms of awkwardness. And possibly a subtle PSA for people who try to talk to the cast of The Guild at cons.

Ok, thats weird; I finally decided to sit down and watch the Guild (loved it, btw), and the second I flick back to the Escapist, you've got the actors on ENN? Bizzaire! Also, Vork rocks, in an accountant way ;)

Pretty good, although the section with the guild wasn't really funny at all, loved the credits today too.

Man this show has been awesome every episode so far, I am appoint. Love the intros and outros and the final "saying", and some really clever takes on the real news stories this week. Keep it up yo.

wow.... that was... that was really weak guys... i'm sorry.

"They made the Black Wii, and they reported, they will never go back."

I do have to admit, 'The Guild' interview was kind of weak. I would have had the awkward moment in the first 20 seconds, then move onto some kind of questions, not really that funny after a little bit of time.

lolz graham fails! XD


Like a sauna, frequented by hairy European men. I think I found my insult of the week.

Top notch, that was a painful interview, poor Graham.

I can't start the Goddamn video. That flowplayer just freezes when you click the play symbol.


ENN has been a great addition to the lineup (though it sometimes makes me wonder of it's supplanted the time the LRR cast might spend on Failhaus which I also enjoyed)

The interview was an amusing idea stretched too far, OR not far enough. It almost qualified for a Too Long Joke, but I don't think ENN segments are long enough to pull that kind of thing off.

The Guild thing seemed to run a bit long, in my opinion, but was balanced by the brilliant slinging of insults during the credits.

Always a delight to watch ENN every week.

Loving ENN more each week although I hope it doesn't take too much away from LRR since I enjoy said content just as much. Like Eudaemonian I also crave the Phailhaus and I hope that ENN and Phail don't become mutually exclusive!

Keep the Canadian magic rollin in guys!

Journalism at it's best :D

"He's like a black Wii, that's all I'm saying." I may have to use that line. :-P

Have to say I'm not overly impressed with the ENN show-weak jokes that make SNL's weekend update look funny in comparison.

ENN every week, consistently gets better and better. Keep up the fun!

"Son, I am appoint".

I laughed at that, and I have officially spent too much time on 4chan.

nice episode overall, I'm going to have to remember that sauna insult.

i think the story with the guild people would have been better if it had just been silence for ages, saying a situation is awkward dilutes the awkward... if you had just had graham look helplessly at the camera as if unsure as to what he should do once his questions weren't applicable, that would have been much better lol.

That Black Wii joke was brilliant.

Girls do love the wii in their hands.............see what i did there

LOL at end of the credits

The "interview" part was kinda weak but, the rest was pretty good.

That was the most awkward thing I've ever seen.

Still exploiting the ex-Desert Bus chat, I see. Gonna milk that for the rest of the year? Sounds great to me!

"You're like a sauna."

That was hilarious.

The 'The Guild'-part was a bit too long, but funny nonetheless, and a nice variation on what you guys normally do.

Also, I'm so gonna use the sauna-trashtalking someday.

Not gunna lie guys I love the show, but that was awful. The banter at the beginning and end was great but you wasted about 60% of the video with that "interview".

Loved the credits talk! The first thing I noticed was that De Vere was sitting on the left side! I was deeply shocked, but when they explained she was filling out for Graham and the other guy was filling out for her it was OK. And that interview went wrong in almost any way possible! ^^

This was definitely one of the best ENN's so far. The whole "interview" was pure gold.

Not as good as last week, although I think it well be pretty difficult to top the awesomeness of Graham's mum.

Not as good as last week, although I think it well be pretty difficult to top the awesomeness of Graham's mum.

I would just like to point out that Kathleen is hot and steamy

(not really a complete perv, just partial)

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