Zero Punctuation: Assassin's Creed 2

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He was talking slower than normal as well. The review loses allot when his voice doesn't have that manic quality to it. Sounds like he may have swine flu :-) Hope he gets better soon. Keep up the good work.

Wait, did he say that ITALIANS killed Jesus? I think it is pretty common knowledge that the Jews killed Jesus. But I guess it is safer to rag on Italians than Jews.

nice review but the game is a lot better then the first and that makes it a great game

cool review. the voice is different. maybe some one else jumped in for him so yahtzee can have a break for a change.
part 1 was pretty good. not perfect but good. and fast travel was possible in part 1. at least on the pc. now we pc people have to wait for part 2 for the pc. ubisoft likes to make it better for the pc, so in march next year we will have it.

OMG he said croatian and im from Croatia serious sma ftw!

i mean sam

Fascinating... I thought I was the only one who noticed his voice sounded different especially about 2/3 of the way through. Lo and behold a lot of people noticed that....

Anyway... great review... one of the best for some time


Sounds like yahtzees voice broke

I don't like this new sounding voice

me neither :(

Voice is different and he emphasize on different things. Either another guy or he's seriously ill...

nice review but the game is a lot better then the first and that makes it a great game

He said it was alot better than the first.

goddamn, bigots have found their way into the gaming industry. either your talking about blacks or gays in your reviews in a super derogatory manner. cant you be an interesting reviewer without catering to the racist crowed?

its not yatzhee

Yahtzee i dont like the new voice

What has happened to your voice Yahtzee? It used to be so soothing and helped me go to bed at night. NOW WHAT WILL I DO?!

Sounds like he was sick....

Inconsistently Inconsistent:

Blimey, Yahtzee has jumped the shark. I used to watch all of his movie two or three times and laugh throughout, but this one wasn't even chuckle-worthy. I think Wolfenstein was the last proper "funny" review, it was downhill from there.

The Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story review was hilarious! I don't see how you didn't think that one was "proper funny".

You can give many examples of nice jokes in the reviews post-Wolfenstein, but they just don't manage to crack me up like before. I watched the one about Guitar Hero III about ten times, and laughed throughout every single time. The reviewing style seems to become a bit too serious and concerned with actual reviewing instead of just funny stuff, which is why I loved this show so much.

I think Yahtzee USUALLY time-compresses his voice recordings to make them sound faster/higher pitched...but it sound's like he's neglected to do so this week (which could explain the difference in his voice).

*Listen to ANY of his other reviews & compare them to this week's: There's some relatively audible compression artifacts*

Just wondering something about what Yahtzee said about Canadian games: Prince of Persia was made by Ubisoft Montreal, which is CANADIAN YOU CHEAP BRITISH!

Here's a list of canadian games:
Baldurs Gate
Neverwinter Night
Prince Of persia series
Splinter's Cell series
Mass Effect
Dragon Age

well some of the BEST GAME EVER PRODUCED!

please give more respect to the Canadian Yahtzee

He said shooters! Although, as a genre it is quite an easy one to find crap in.

I was so sure there would be a point about the voice, and he would switch back to normal later. No luck there I'm afraid.

Wait, did he say that ITALIANS killed Jesus? I think it is pretty common knowledge that the Jews killed Jesus. But I guess it is safer to rag on Italians than Jews.

The Romans were the one who executed him, though it was due to the whining of the people.

Am I the only person who can't seem to get the video to load? I've tried it on 4 different web browsers on 2 different computers and it just won't load.

I don't really want to watch this in case theres spoilers, i love AC 1 and don't want any story ruined about AC2 for me.

Can anyone warn me of spoilers?

New voice is wierd, he sounds more Australian than usual. decent review I guess, wasn't as good as the AC1 review that was his best one I think.

Hey Yahtzee, do you have a cold or something? Your voice sounds deeper.

Anyway, great review as always.

First it was Modern Warfare 2, now AC II, so does that mean L4D2 is next?

Maybe he finally hit puberty and this is his grown up voice?


i have a very different view on assassins creed 2 however i like the video

I'm glad he actually seemed to like AC2 this time, I was hoping he would.

Odd, though, that I never had the problems that Yahtzee (and many other players) had. I was able to follow the plot just fine. I also tried to do things other than counters, even though I only had to do counters for the most part.

Is it me or does he have new microphone?

Did Yahtzee finally hit puberty?

His voice sure did drop.

New mic? Wow, Yathzee, you sound a lot clearer and it brings out the accent XD

Great episode :D


Voice screwed it up imo. Nice review, but couldn't enjoy cause of the voice...

I love this game. I never played the first one though.

jurrasic park reference FTW!!!!

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