Zero Punctuation: Assassin's Creed 2

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Well, aside from his voice being all weird, good review; had to laugh at the bit with the jurassic park reference.

Yes the voice sounds a bit odd. I would bet on either cold or new mic.

What's up with Yahtzee's voice? New mic? Someone else doing his job? Balls finally drop?

I couldn't concentrate on the video because his voice sounded so different. It was like watching a movie where the audio wasn't synched properly to the video.

I hope that gets fixed soon (or I get use to the new sound). I look forward to my Wednesday rant from Yahtzee.

Ha, I love the Jurassic Park reference :D
"start hunting in packs" - Clever Girl.
Good one, although sounds like you have a throat infection Yahtzee.

"Clever Girl" hah loved the Jurrasic park reference, the voice was new wonder if you were testing out a new mike. Anyway great review, game looks like fun to.

Probably just changed his recording equipment.

Perhaps Yahtzee has one of those weird summer colds that float around the beautiful Australian beaches while those of us in the northern hemisphere are freezing our balls off.

It didn't stop me from enjoying the revelation that Ass Creed 2 is better than Ass Creed 1, Ubisoft is still employing plenty of morons and I'm not the only one who thinks gnocchi is awesome.

Whats with the escapist watermark?
Keep your dick out of a good pudding.

The man has a cold. Check back to the Heavenly Sword(s) video for proof.

Long time lurker, first post. Pretty much agree on all the points bar the boss fight. Made more sense than the first game's ending fight.

Also, Finding the glyph sections to be pretty thought provoking. Even if sometimes it's "lolconspiracy XD"

I hope this voice thing is explained in Extra Punctuation. Anyways, since his reviews are not only voice, I found this quite amusing :) Too bad I represent the pc crowd, so I am not capable of having an opinion on Ass Creed 2. YET!

Blimey, Yahtzee has jumped the shark. I used to watch all of his movie two or three times and laugh throughout, but this one wasn't even chuckle-worthy. I think Wolfenstein was the last proper "funny" review, it was downhill from there.

Silly person, he jumped the shark back when he stopped using copyrighted music. He even pointed it out himself.

I will agree that it wasn't one of his more hilarious reviews but he still had a few loud chuckle moments for me. Of course, I'm the idiot who kept reading Ctrl-Alt-Del past the freaking miscarriage plotline so you can take my opinion with a grain of salt. I'm also still watching CSI, a show starring Lawrence Fishbourne and a bunch of people who used to be interesting, so yeah.

Lawl good review.

Clever girl... Jurassic Park reference ftw.

Slight voice change, but hey. the snark is still there so i'm not complaining.

his voice in this one reminded me of his voice in the first zero punctuations.

Since the most important thing is clearly his voice, my vote goes to either imitating those Italian tossers or a voice acting practice session. And if it is the former, you'd think he would have learned his lesson after the RE5 accent debacle.

Nevertheless, always a pleasure.

Perhaps Yahtzee has one of those weird summer colds that float around the beautiful Australian beaches while those of us in the northern hemisphere are freezing our balls off.

I'd believe that.

i'm right there with you. :( i want to play it now! (i wonder if it will be in stereoscopic 3D?)

I just noticed they changed the watermark, before it was a small URL at the top of the video, now it's a big thing in the bottom left corner.

Yeah, he sounds a bit different, but I don't care much because it was a very funny and helpful review. Also, it's a funny coincidence that two weeks ago I expected the next review to be not Modern Warfare 2 and hopefully Assassin's Creed 2.

How is that a conincidence?

On topic of voice... maybe he's been here too long and is losing his accent? Go visit your mum Yahztee, I'm sure she'd love to see you for Chistmas. And you get to avoid the heat.

if this is a new direction for the voice then that would be his second see the webcomics-Indiana jones change that came with his new intro music jury is out on if its better but if it is permanent we'll get used to it and hes not going to change back to keep the unwashed fucktards (us) happy.

I loved AC1 for the climbing etc. but wouldnt buy it because i didnt enjoy the rest of teh game enough. this may be changing my mind on AC2

Glad to see it's not just my imagination and that other people noticed the new microphone or whatever it is that's going on with his voice. I like it. Sometimes in the past I've found the speech a bit hard to follow when it starts approaching 50 words a second, but it's much clearer now.

roll in the hay? Somebody been watching young frankenstein?



aptly sums up how overzealous the guards were in the original.

I like the new mic (if that's wot it is) makes Yahtzee sound a bit clearer.
I did NOT, however, like the "watermark" Escapist logo in the lower-left.

I was staring at that bit of ugliness more than watching the animation. >=|

Great review, otherwise.

Lovely review, got what I wanted, waiting around for the buggery PC version to show so I can have some ninja-fun, and shit.

Other then that, the 'new' voice was interesting, but suprising.

I don't like this new sounding voice

It doesn't even sound like Yahtzee, is it really him?

Me and my zero punctuation tshirt like the settings on the audio-speed-pitch-adjuster from last week more than this week.

Lol, after I watched it a second time and got over his voice sounding a wee bit different, I realized this is a really funny review. The first time through I was too confused to think about anything else.

Hey, did anyone else notice that Yahtzee's voice was different? (And then some speculation as to why.)

Good review. Loved the Jurassic Park joke. I actually like the money system, but I suppose it caters to the boring folk.

Guess it sucks to be ill with a gig like his. I mean talking for a living while you have a cold can't be anywhere near as fun.

OT: Despite the flaws I will still be getting this game when I have the money.

I must say, I don't care much for the "Escapist bug" in the corner. Given the compression, only the "E" is intelligible anyway, and that's all it should be. Slap that "E" in the right corner as the video equivalent of a water mark and call it a day. I say the right side due to the selfish fact that I'm used to such placement on television programs around here and having it on the left side makes it stand out more than it should.

As for the review, it does make me want to try the game more. Not that much more; if I'm going to play a game where I goof off in a city, Saints Row 2 still exists and is kind enough to incorporate cheat codes as a natural feature of the game.

I think Yahtzee has been murdered and replaced with a clever imposter.

Either that or he's got a nasty cold.

good review as always, i really liked assassins creed and i hope to enjoy the second im getting purly for the story so it soulds good =) keep up the good work

I think Yahtzee has been murdered and replaced with a clever imposter.

Either that or he's got a nasty cold.

Not that clever, we all recognized it wasn't him. :p

Yahtzee, i understand the last boss fight was beating up some old guy by punching him in the head a lot, but come on! IT WAS THE FRIGGEN POPE! How often do you get to beat the living shit out of the pope in a videogame? (and don't mention pope-fighter 2K9)

the game should get the best-game-ever-made award just for that.

It's funnier with original voice.

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