Zero Punctuation: Assassin's Creed 2

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Well that was a shock at first. Seems Yahtzee finally made enough money to afford a new headset which extremely thins out his trademark rambling.

Not a big fan of the new voice in short but nice review and this just motivated me to start a difficulty mod for AC2 on the PC.

Cause if the console version is to easy than imagine the PC version where you aim so accurate you would practically be able to shoot someone across the city.


Yahtzees voice sounds a bit different, new microphone?

Also, I did notice AC2 stretching into Fable 2 'useless money' syndrome.

Once again, YZ accurately surmised my opinion of the game, bravo.

He Must have a cold

thats what i thought

Wow, he started complaining after the half of the video? The game must be freaking awesome.

Can you all stop reminding me of it, now? I'm still waiting for the PC version.

I think Yahtzee has been murdered and replaced with a clever imposter.

Either that or he's got a nasty cold.

Are you stupid or just under age? It's a new microphone which properly picks up the bass frequencies and accurately represents the highs instead of the crappy consumer class headset microphone that you're used to hearing and which you probably use yourself. And what's worse is that you claim to prefer the low quality mic presumably because you're sonically retarded.

We should now discuss who kidnapped Yahtzee and what guy replaced him. Surely that can't be him?

(PS: I'm kidding. Still, it took me two minutes to figure out.)

Good quality review, but I'm tempted to say that Yahtzee had one of his friends/comrades/tools do the review for him. It was the same style but the new voice is just not right for speaking fast, Yahtzee's normal one is the best for that.

"I swear those motherfuckers are starting to hunt in packs" ROFL so true, last night I got bombarded by about 5 of the goofy dumbasses and I had to move about them like a maze, while at the same time I had to escort those two ladies you know who I mean.


>Asscreed 2 better than Asscreed 1

>Liked Asscreed 1

That's all I really need to hear.

I don't like his new headset or whatever he's using. Voice sounds too processed, not raw enough, and too civilized.

I don't like this new sounding voice

I agree, it sounds like he has a cold.

Yahtzees voice sounds a bit different, new microphone?

Also, I did notice AC2 stretching into Fable 2 'useless money' syndrome.

Once again, YZ accurately surmised my opinion of the game, bravo.

Almost every comment above you is from a new user. And 3 were banned. No one won =[

I guess he liked it? It's not really clear. Well, I loved it.

Hmm, from what you say, it seems AC2's guards are the ancestors of MGS1's Genome Soldiers.

"whose paintings are these?"


"Just my imagination"

That was lame.

Sounds like he got a new mic, or recorded in an actual studio.

Either way, another good one. I knew an Italian dude who smelled like garlic all the time.

That was not Yahtzee!

As well as not sounding right, there didn't seem to be any funny analogies, as much dark humour and at the end credits he said "Yahtzee would like to say" as if he wasn't Yahtzee, and his voice sounded weird. Actually I've said that twice now. But it was really weird.

Very dissapointed.

Blimey, Yahtzee has jumped the shark. I used to watch all of his movie two or three times and laugh throughout, but this one wasn't even chuckle-worthy. I think Wolfenstein was the last proper "funny" review, it was downhill from there.

Yeah yeah, there is always a dozen+ people saying "He's not funny anymore, he hasn't been funny since X review" on any video. Funnily enough there is also a dozen+ people saying "This was a lot funnier than your other recent ones, good one" What does this tell us? People are idiots.

Also, I think his "new" voice is actually closer to his "old" one than it has been for sometime. Don't believe me, then take a listen to his Psychonauts review.

at the end credits he said "Yahtzee would like to say" as if he wasn't Yahtzee

Oh no, he writes in the third person! It must be an imposter! Derp derp.


Whats up with the new mic?

He sounds a lot less angry and.. well, funny.

so they finally got you into a recording studio then...not just a headset :P

It sounds like Mr. Yahtzee has the sniffles again. My guess is it's H1N1. With any luck he'll be back to his old self again next week.

Questo film e stato buonissimo! Mi piacciono Ezio e "Assassin's Creed 2"!

Nice Jurassic Park reference in there.

NON SEQUITUR: Italians are probably the antithesis of "tossers". I can only imagine how much tourist poon they get.

Theres a difference between better mic quality and sounding like someone else people. I reckon he did it on purpose just to mess with everyones heads, which it has.

Lol Yahtzee, wtf happened to your voice (or is this really him...). Anyway, great video.

Is it just me or do people always end up getting put on probation on the first page of comments for any review that Yahtzee does?

Also, it sounds like you might have a bit of a cold. Get some Vix soothing rub, not sure why but it does burn so it has to be doing something.

A weird-sounding voice and none of the attitude we've come to expect? Was this really Yahtzee, or was it his brother Farkle?

Am I the only one who thinks Yahtzee's voice in this video sounds exactly the same as he did in his Heavenly Sword(s) review? It's like we've gone back in time to the first few reviews. Interesting.

I was looking forward to this review, and it did not disappoint :)

Great, this one, the useless pile of money at the end doesn't help the lack of challenge one bit. Finding/questing for money becomes redundant after the first 5 hours.

What's with the smoother voice thing, I hope it's only temporary?

that Da Vinci gun that Yahtzee doesn't understand is there, cos its a gun!,

Just in case you lot don't know Da Vinci was a sort of Scientist for the military and he'd invent weapons and shit, like the first ever Tank and the second ever machine gun. Surely you can understand painting that grumpy old hag all your life would have made you make stuff that shoots things up.

The first machine gun being made by the Romans, those sly Italian tossers.

Amusing review as always. BTW thanks for the "tossers"... Even I couldn't find a better definition for my people!

I'm fairly certain that the Graham from Unskippable did this one and have Yahtzee digitally alter his voice afterward.

The guy talking during the review was definetely not Yahtzee. In that little message he always has at the end of the credits, it was written as if someone was speaking for Yahtzee.
Whoever that guy is, he is no Yahtzee.

I like the AC Review he really nailed this one on the head as well. I am a bit sad it not as funny as alot of his old video. I really wish Hhe could be more like his youtube videos before where he was to busy being a funny asshole and less worry with the whole Review deal. Still This was a great review and it hit all the rewview parts of the game.

Still I not sure why everyone is making a big deal with Yahtzee voice. I thought he decided to do a review sober. It just seems like Yahzee was going off on his drunk rage ranks over a game.

I love how everyone's flailing about the new voice. We must be memorized by its melodic qualities to the point that we begin withdrawal immediately upon its loss.

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