Zero Punctuation: Assassin's Creed 2

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I personally didn't like this voice, it would be good, for a British Robot.

Yay, Johnny Cash reference.

Enjoyed this review, particularly the Jurassic Park minstrels.

I kinda like when Yahtzee gives a positive review. It's amazing just how much better AC2 is than the first game.

Whats up with his voice??
Great video though :)

WTF happend to Yahzee??? This is not him! New guy can f***k off!!!


I think the sound quality is better on the voice which is probably why it sounds different.

Yeah, but not that different. I kept expecting some gag to reveal it was actually someone else.

Me too, I had a hard time believing it was him. I like this voice more since it is a tad bit easier to understand. Id still like captions since there's still stuff that I don't hear clear enough / know wtf they are since they are British/Australian references.

not as funny as last week, nor as fast (i rather liked him speaking quickly). but he seems to be giving a fairly descent review of the game like he did last week. if he can keep that up i wont even care if hes not as funny anymore. good reviewers are few and far between.

not a new mic, but a cold. Go watch the Heavenly Sword review.
very funny review

What the hell happenned to his voice?!

If it isn't broke don't fix it! We all know how we're used to Yahtzee's voice being. This change has thrown many of us off. It kind of took away from the 'edge' (or however you want to put it) and the sarcasm didn't come across as strong. I actually thought it was Graham speaking at first. I understand if he had a cold, different thing entirely, but please do not change things that the majority of us can probably agree do not need changed.

Good voice there, YZ - sounds a bit like it used to in the YouTube days...

yahtzee do you have a cold? or is that jon blithe doing a yahtzee impression?

Great review, only thing I wish you would mention is the fact that you can't kill all the civilians, as you get the message "Enzio didn't kill civilians." I remember walking around in ass creek 1, shoving my blade into any poor man or woman passing by. Good times.

Noticed the new voice/mic as well, sounds good. Not worse, not better, just good.

The ZP Etsio ( I forgot how its spelt) looks even more retarded than ZP Altier

The comment about the gnocchi at the end reminded me of... Rome.

No first for anyone

A brave effort, friend - but the mods show no mercy.

I guess this is his European voice? Nice attempt.

I think I called this one last week.

His voice was definitely different, and it did put me off a little...good review, all the same.

Yahtzee must have a cold today. But yeah, I'll probably get the game if it's better than the first one.

Wow, he started complaining after the half of the video? The game must be freaking awesome.

Can you all stop reminding me of it, now? I'm still waiting for the PC version.

I know your pain brother, I know your pain...

The guy talking during the review was definetely not Yahtzee. In that little message he always has at the end of the credits, it was written as if someone was speaking for Yahtzee.
Whoever that guy is, he is no Yahtzee.

I thought the same thing too but after half of review it struck me that it MAY actually be Yahtzee - I felt something too familiar in his voice that no one has; I can't put my finger on it but it's unique. The thing is that Yahtzee is still somewhere in the review but he's slowly being turned into a crystal-clear speaking cyborg. We must save him by giving all our money to The Escapist to organise a rescue team! It's his only hope!

I think I have their account numbers here *searches for own account number* ... this may take a while... Please stay calm, have patience and bring all your money, and milk and cookies(he'll need those to recover from the brain washing I assure you)

not a new mic, but a cold. Go watch the Heavenly Sword review.
very funny review

Darn it you're right... but I still say we should gather up all the money ... you know just in case SOMETHING does happen...*dun dun dun...*

But still he need milk and cookies for his cold soooooo..... you should give them to ME so I can test them for led poisoning(you know how his nemeses try to kill him).

So the game worth buying or not? It was a decent review, but I still don't know if I should pick up the game or not. Yeesh.

I am sure I would have enjoyed the video, but I can't shake the feeling that he was abducted by aliens and replaced by a cheap stand in like in old movies.

Get well soon, Yahtzee! Your voice is much more cutting when it's not pitched so low. You sound like a different person altogether... a much nicer, much less cynical person.

Get well soon for the love of God~

What was wrong with the gun? I think that fact that Leonardo Da Vinci was handing you gadgets seemed to explain it away rather well. He's the Q to your Bond as it were. Besides, it's hardly like you're handed the Plasma Rifle from Doom now is it?

Fist fight with a fat guy would sound cooler if you stated the social status of the guy your fighting

Here's hoping your cold blows over quick.

Good review; I've wanted this game for a while now and this just reinforced that fact.

I loved it but what the hell was with the voice?

I just can't believe he didn't pounce on the bit where it forces you to get every codex page. I liked the game till that part then after I gathered one or two I thought 'No, fuck this, I've better things to do than arbitrarily extend your game Ubisoft.'

i like the screechy winny english-y yahtzee better.
i have no idea who the new guy is.

Oi... Yes, this is Yahtzee's sickly voice. Such as is what happens when you have to put out a video every week without fail. As someone pointed out, you can compare it to his Heavenly Sword video, where he writes at the end that it was co-authored by a bottle of cough syrup. It's not a permanent format change unless he's got the plague, and it's not new audio equipment unless said equipment is shoved squarely up his nose. We'll have nasally Yahtzee back when the power of his hat purges the germs from its symbiotic host.

Anyham, in an effort to sound constructive: Good review, as per usual.

Is it just me or does he sound some what sick? seems a bit dull this episode.

Clever girl...I would like to see those minstrels try to get me, as they get shot with my boom stick. Nice review, get better Yahtzee!

Sounded like we had a substitute Yahtzee for this review, but probably was (as many have surmised) a cold.

So, Assassin's Creed 2 sounds like it'd been improved from Assassin's Creed all around, but they went over the dividing line of "taking good advice" and severely into "listening to tossers" territory when the made the game waaay to easy. On top of this, the plot was apparently completely disconnected from the first game. Gotcha.

Thanks Yahtzee for reminding me why am I proud to be Croatian: Serious Sam! Best shooter around!

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