Zero Punctuation: Assassin's Creed 2

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Yahtzee (assuming that is Yahtzee) sounded drastically different; his voices sound like he had his nose pinched the entire time, and the pacing also feels a bit different- in fact, I'm ready to hand down the sentence that this was one episode of Zero Punctuation not done by Yahtzee.


I don't like this new sounding voice

Yeah, what's with the new voice?

It certainly sounded different, almost like he smoked too much. The tone is a bit annoying for my taste, he now sounds like a bored shop assistant in a PC shop. "Hello, can I help you?"-badge included.

It was almost definitely someone else as he dropped a T which I haven't heard him do...or at least I think.
Im so annoyed I have to wait til next year for the PC version -.-

Mostly agreed with the assessment. Why did they keep annoying NPCs? The gadgets were neat, but ultimately a gimmick. Combat seems too easy, with each enemy taking turns to hit you. The final fight was even more disappointing than the one in Borderlands. And now that you mention it, closer inspection reveals the in-game "economy" to be nothing more than a glorified power restriction. But a few comments just fell short of the mark. Powerful gun? Yeah, powerful for taking out one enemy. Surprised you didn't comment on hiring groups to aid you.

The voice threw me for a loop too. The weirdest thing is that he sounds almost exactly like he did in his very first videos, like the Heavenly Sword demo and Psychonauts reviews. That aside, this review was a bit lacking in humor, falling back on the old tits-jokes standby and not much else.

what happened to your voice man it sounded diffrent

It's obviously not Yahtzee. It's not just that he sounds different, he even pronounces words differently. Let's hope this is a one time thing.

Wow, so what happened there? Yahtzee turned 13 and his voice broke and slowed down? Got a cold and gravity decelerated time in Australia? Sure hope you get better man, because this one fails in projecting your vitriol onto us.

Well uh, onto me, actually. Take care, man.

he quoted Spaced! woohoo! well.... i thought he did anyway with the hunting in packs and "clever girls" thing.... probably just me, but to me thats a take on spaced! :D
i thought he might have a cold or something with the different voice, then i remembered he was in Australia soooo...

If you watch his Washington, D.C. video he sounds exactly like he does in the old videos. Therefore, I conclude that yahtzee just has a simple cold, but still had to do his job.

I don't like this new sounding voice

yeah the voice does sound wierd... but i like the game

He probably has that flu going around. It's one that stuffs up your voice, box but seems to leave your lungs alone. When I had it last year my voice sounded like a colony of frogs took up residence for a couple of weeks.

The new voice made it less entertaining somehow which was dissapointing. Its like Yathzee took a break, sent the Escapist the animations and let the editor in chief do the voice. What is this? Yahtzhee just hit puberity or something?

His voice sounded a little robotic, or maybe he's changing his comic delivery style from "enraged-on-the-soapbox" to smug and sneering.

Nice video. Yahtzee is at the top of his form as he has been for a few reviews in a row. Good work. AC2 is a pretty sweet game and is a big improvement from the original.

The best, and funniest way, to get rid of the annoying musicians is to press the attack button and pull out your sword (don't try to quote that and mention the innuendo in there, I'm being serious) and stand there for a second with sword in hand. They will proceed to drop their instruments and run away screaming phrases like "But I wrote that for you!". That is always good for a laugh. Too bad those annoying bastards just keep coming back!

Does anyone read before they post? Almost everyone made a comment about how his voice is different. Yes it was apparently a different voice he prolly has a cold, big f---ing deal! Overall I think it was a good review, but not his funniest.

Well I can't really add anything new or original to what's been said already so I'll just jump on the band wagon and point out the difference in Yahtzees' voice.

"like some kind of European Scrooge McDuck"

Scrooge was European to begin with, listen to his accent and look at his name ;)

Audio quality was a bit bleh in this one.

I can pretty much agree with him on everything in this one. The game is freaking fantastic and may very well turn out to be one of my all time favorites, but combat/assassinations are really easy. As a matter of fact, I don't think I've died once in battle yet. A fact overshadowed by another fact: that I have died more than a few times accidentally jumping off a tall building in the wrong direction. Still, this is one of those games that managed to be both easy, and incredibly fun. Much like the majority of the Mario series.

I think he got a new mic, weird that he sounds so different though, like the pitch of his voice changed entirely.
I'm forced to wait for the pc version of Asscreed 2 since I don't have a 360 anymore and the ps3 version is utterly fucked like the originals was (lacking visuals and tonnes of lag because ubisofts programmers still suck at ps3 coding).

It was a quick review, I'm guessing because the game took so long he didn't have as much time to make the review? I think it's a very good game, but I agree with some of the minor issues Yahtzee picks out. The flying machine was definitely over-hyped. I sucked with it to start, and once I got the hang of it that part of the mission was over.
The one thing I wish he would have talked about more is the tombs and glyphs. He didn't talk about the glyphs, and referred to the tombs as cereal box tokens, which I suppose is some form of an accurate name for those.
Otherwise good review.

Loved the Jurassic Park velociraptor reference ("clever girl") about the minstrels hunting in packs.

There is a British tendency to see the UK as a seperate entity from Europe (which is referred to as "The continent").

sounds like new equipment to me (why his voice sounds different). That or his nose is stuffed up.

Still, loved it, want to try it, even once to see how long I can tolerate the minstrels.

...which might mean ten seconds


that voice was not the result of a new mic... his inflections weren't nearly as pronounced as normal.. either Yahtzee has a cold and decided to go ahead and do this weeks review anyway (which would make sense why it's really toned down) or someone else filled in for him this week... since there is no credit or mention of a substitute, I'm going with the cold theory.

While watching it I was actually expecting to hear the sounds of someone dying half way through and then the real yahtzee taking over (it is about an assassin game afterall!).

Someone get Yahtzee some Soothers, STAT.

scrooge mcduck is meant to be scottish... hence the name, accent, attitude... everything... so yeah... he already was european... lol

I don't like this new sounding voice

I think he has a cold, but I have to agree, it sounds less funny.

Yeah, I was thinking he must have some new mic or he was sick when he made the video.

Hey, did anyone else notice that Yahtzee's voice was different? (And then some speculation as to why.)

It's not actually different; this is how he originally sounded, back around the middle of '07. He didn't speed up his vocal track back then, or at least not as much. So, to anyone wondering, his voice sounds higher-pitched in the majority of reviews because he sped it up a bit (hence how he also talks so fucking fast. You'd have thought most people could figure that out).

So yes, anyone complaining about this being his "new" voice needs to go listen to the first Zero Punctuations. As for the review itself, I think it was grand; light on the idiot humour, which is probably why a lot of people above are saying this isn't a funny review. Loved the 'blandest sentient creature in the universe' aside.

Also, since the chances of somebody reading this are slim to none (because nobody reads previous posts, they just want to have an opinion), anyone from this point on who remarks on Yahtzee's "new voice" is deemed unworthy.

lololol, let's play BAN BINGO, I have RyoScar, Donttazemehbro, Acolyt3, and smee dude

B I N G O. Congratulation, you wins.

Man, I'm really curious changed voice-wise.
It was Yahtzee, but it sure sounded weird.

Yahtzee has a cold or something, LoL.

Good review-- Hit the nail on the head.

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