Gaming's Renaissance Man

Gaming's Renaissance Man

Paul Jaquays is the most prominent and influential game designer you've never heard of.

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How can someone who's done so much not be "known".

That kinda baffles me, to say the least, but alas as I'm not a table top gamer I don't know anything about it as is. Perhaps if you are more in the "In crowd" (i.e. hardcore table topper :D )you may know the man.

Nice job with the little "re cap" on him for us none informed folks.

Suddenly I want to learn about RuneQuest :D

He's probably not known because, up until very recently, the rock stars of the gaming world have been the games themselves. True, a few big names here and there popped up, but on average gamers don't care about who made the games they love; hence, they don't care to learn anything about them and share what they have learned with others.

Liz Danforth is a good friend of mine; when I was playing WoW, I was in her guild, and considering that she is one of the spearheads of games and gaming in libraries I've worked with her quite closely over the past couple of years. She introduced me to Paul over Facebook, and I have to say that he is one of the most direct and honest men you'll meet, and I mean that in a good way. He is passionate about game design and it shows.

Suddenly I want to learn about RuneQuest :D

The Days Of High Adventure have been a true blessing when it comes to informing us about the truly talented people that founded the games we've come to love. I've recently downloaded the HeroQuest RPG because of this.

For those who are interested: the original Dark Tower is still available on as a scanned pdf. So yes, that's a scanned version of the original module! The adventure has also been rewritten for DND3E and 3.5E by the way.

> How can someone who's done so much not be "known".

Easily; q.v. "Small Reference Pool".
As in, for example, "Name me the half dozen most important, earliest roleplaying campaigns/campaign worlds".
Joe Public might get Greyhawk but we might expect readership here to happily list both Greyhawk and Blackmoor.
A few people will know enough to be able to add Kalibruhn and Tekumel, or maybe Arduin or Glorantha (if casting a bit later).
Virtually no-one would be able to cite Gorree or Edwyr off-hand, despite their considerable influence at the time. (Or Midgard, if y'really want to rock the boat).

Paul falls easily into the middle grouping and just about holds onto the top end of that, thanks again to that SRP principle; "The Dungeoneer", "Dark Tower", "Caverns of Thracia".
Now name his other contributions without (re-)reading? :)

@ Allen: Good article re. Jaquays' contribs to gaming in general, thank you.
(Could you please fix the malformed link to Wiki', perhaps; and apologies for stealing a bit of your thunder. ;))


p.s. OT/"When the late '70s fad in tabletop roleplaying peaked and died" got a chuckle in context, btw. Add another few years to that, perhaps? *g*

OMG, the roleplaying fad peaked and died? When did this happen? Please nobody tell my gaming group.

Usually these articles re-spark my interest in PnP games, but this was all Greek to me. O_O

Usually these articles re-spark my interest in PnP games, but this was all Greek to me. O_O

Old days for older guys.

I never heard of this guy, I'm glad I do now. Certainly inspirational.


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