Zero Punctuation: Left 4 Dead 2 & New Super Mario Bros Wii

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Left 4 Dead 2 & New Super Mario Bros Wii

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Left 4 Dead 2 and New Super Mario Bros Wii.

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video won't load, anyone else have the same problem?

great episode, but the number joke got a bit sickening, and I think nintendo to this shit to delibratley annoy u, oh and bowser would win btw

Huh. You know, i don't usually like when he does two games in one review, but there was a surprising amount of useful information in this one. I'm actually interested in New Super Mario Bros. Wii now.

And I hate the Wii.

BUT, I didn't at all agree with the insinuation that L4D2 could have been just as easily released as an expansion. It's an excellent stand alone.

Great episode as always.

Not surprised to hear that L4D2(insert random words and numbers here) is basically the same as the first one

video won't load, anyone else have the same problem?

Yup. Will have to wait I guess.

Man, rocking out. Nice to see the return of the triple cunted hooker of course, and any chance to rag on the Wii is good.

By the by, you might missed a trick there, you mention that the Wii is supposed to be a next generation console, and I think you may be mistaken. It's a call back to the age of gaming when polygons were dangerous innovation.

I do agree that New Super Mario Bros. Wii having two players play as toads is very stupid. Ya couldn't have picked anything at least a little more interesting, Nintendo?

Oh Yahtzee hates the Wii! What a surprise.

I kid, that game was really hard, but only because there is constant team killing

Epic. :)

I like Left 4 Dead 2, although I have admittingly never played the original. Are they really that much alike?

LOl at all the funny titles for L4D2(does sound like a license plate number on a car)

I wouldn't buy either games but if someone would be nice of send me a free copy of l4d2 that would be nice. Because the first game was fun but that enjoyment only lasted about a week and a half.

I loved the Fresh Prince Refrence

Nice ep, but I think L4D2 is better than he says, definitely worth buying, on PC of course :)

Just finished, really good episode. I agree with new super mario bros having no reason to exist

preatty much what i expected from both games

bowser, based on the fact that he NEVER FUCKING DIES, ever and keeps coming back :/

Felt like getting two doses with that combo. I am sure that any number of your fans will be you 3rd friend (who steals all the health packs)

Ha, the animation in the credits was actually really funny.

Cheeseburger spider as well. Now that's what Nintendo really needs.

Same here, Happened with the Assassins Creed 2 review last week as well :/
That video only decided to load on the friday :(!

Well, I'm glad that Yahtzee didn't get screwed over too badly by the Australian Government.

Thanks for the HL2 Episode 3 thing. They should be working on that now.

I don't like the juxtaposition of 2 games in one review. It's garbled.

I can't agree any more. L4D2 is just an L4D expansion, nothing more. Its just a a bunch of new maps, a few useless melee weapons and thats it. And about New Super Mario Bross Wii, well, its a ripoff from New Super Mario bross DS wich is a ripoff from Super Mario 3, so its not a big surprise that it dont have anything new(as the title says, btw)

Welcome back, Yahtzee's voice.

Hey Yahtzee, think you could negotiate to remove the watermark? That's terribly annoying now.

For anyone who thinks Yahtzee is losing or lost his touch, well you're wrong? Why? Because. I found this review rather funny, especially the Left 4 Dead 2: Add Subtitle. And I think Bowser would survive versus a Tank...that guy just doesn't die, not that he could considering the childish backdrop of the Mario, isn't fire bad for those zombies? Fire breath would own it.

Great video Yahtzee, fun and funny as always. Can't wait for next week.

Edit: You'd think it'd be obvious that anyone who comments without seeing the review is suspended, why don't people realize that? Wait, don't answer that, stupidity has no clear reasoning.

First! anyways ;).

Great review, but with the fast talking and two games review around eachother, I must admit I was confused as to which one of the two games he was talking about alot of the time.

good point, where the hell is hl2:episode 3!

So you're saying that Super Mario is a good offering to the franchise? Excellent, I'm there.
Hilarious offering as ever.

I agree with the Left 4 Dead thing. It's good but it's not really much more then just the first game with some new sparks and fireworks.

Two reviews?! In one week?! OK, it was more like two half reviews but still... actually I don't know what my point was there. I did, however, like the Half Life mention at the end. What's taking you so long Valve?

Glad to see the return of the triple cunted hooker.

And I wish valve weren't so anti-PS3. I like zombies and I'd like to give L4D a go but they seem to have dismissed it as an unworthy platform. Why I can't really tell. They may sell more copies on the 360 but there's certainly money to be made on the damn thing.

Come to think of it: Coach does look an awful lot like Uncle Phil.
Fresh Prince Zombie montage, anyone?

Ehem, anyway, I actually enjoyed this one quite a bit.

Holy hell. No banned 'first!!1' posts. Something is amiss.

OT: Surely the new Mario could not have been so abysmal. It's an old formula, yes, but it's still a good one. Anybody here play it?

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