Editor's Note: Season's Gamings

Season's Gamings

In this issue, The Escapist's contributors recount their most memorable holiday experiences.

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Sometimes all it takes for Christmas is a little change from the ordinary. My normal Christmas trek is about 7 hours or so in a car, by myself. All I can say is yay for podcasts.

Being a DM on a small Neverwinter Nights server allows me to run special events, such as a Christmas party I had for a few people who either didn't have family, or in one case was already done with Christmas. It's amazing how the little things put a smile on people's faces.

Then again, I don't really get the hubub, being an athiest and all. I'm a bigger fan of Thanksgiving and New Year's for family.

I was never a huge WoW player, but in Dofus i ventured towards PvM then pvp
Just last year or so i watched a documentory and it touched up on the christmas in the trenches with the soccor ball, i fell in love with the story, so that sounds like it would be amazing to witness.


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