Review: Stoked: Big Air Edition

Review: Stoked: Big Air Edition

Screw snowboarding on K2 - I'm waiting for a game where we get to ski on Mt. Everest.

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Hmmm... I used to think that it was impossible to make a bad snowboarding game. Then I bought Shaun White Snowboarding and now I find myself very wary. I wonder how this compares to that?

Damn, I'd kill for a new SSX game, the stuff they could do with the extra power of this generation, it'd be epic. They managed to make a half hour run, from the top of the mountain all the way to the bottom on the old hardware, think of what they could do on a PS3 or 360.

cool, I like the idea of being able to explore the mountain.

Looks good but got to say, after seeing it all I want now is a new SSX game as it looked very similar to the last one. Though the dynamic weather looked a great touch.

cool, I like the idea of being able to explore the mountain.

Yeah, thats pretty neat

Reminds me of the days of MTV Snowboarding without all the SSX Tricks and extreme crap.

I'm a diehard snowboardfan (and a snowboarder myself btw) and Stoked would be the game for me. But since I live in Europe, I'm not given the privilege to get this Big Air Edition, which is, in fact, pretty flippin' lame. [rage] The game was made in frickin' Germany and for the love of god, it was even produced by a German company. How the heck could this version not be in Europe at the moment? Did I miss some geography lesson along the way? IS GERMANY LOCATED IN THE US AND FRICKIN' A NOWADAYS? .____. [/rage] Ow, I actually don't live in Germany myself, I live in Holland to be exact. But still, we're neighbours, right?

Anyways, this game should be the most awesome game released since my mother gave birth to me, but I just can't seem to get my hands on it.

I'm not sure, from the video I saw, that this is the defnitive snowboard simulation game. But the idea of exploring mountains, as well as real time weather, is a step in the right direction. I'll definitely be renting this.


I don't like sports games either, because it reminds me I should be out exercising more and maybe playing these sports with friends in real life rather than sitting on a couch in front of a TV set.

By contrast, since I can't be an orc or space marine in real life, playing computer simulations of these sorts or activities I have no problem with.

BUT, if you can't go snowboarding on K2, then having a computer simulation to do it is perfectly reasonable. This is the first sports game in a long time that I might consider getting. It looks pretty hot and the premise is sweet. I also like the freedom it gives to you explore and find your own lines... not the kind of thing you usually see.

great video m8. Btw, can som1 tell me the name of that french(?) rap song at the end?


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