Doomsday Arcade: Episode 22

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Friggen' amazing Big Daddy costume!

one word. epic.


This episode was awesome, especially the great props!

yeah I wondered where they found the 50s stlye building to work with. that was awesome

Bioshock would have been 10 times creepier with those fish talking in the background.

Gary! Nooo!

Hamster at Dawn:
What was up with all the fish though?

i got every reference but the annoying talking fish

Monty Python's the Meaning of Life. Watch it, because it is good.

Woth the waiting. *Swearword* epic XD

Very welll done job with the costumes and props. For at six week production, this is most impressive.

When the Big D startd talking about his drill I thought of this at once xD

Giga drill BREAKEEEER!!!!

Awesome episode you guys, where did you film this though?

Been said before, but definitely worth the wait.

"Velocirapture" - absolutely brilliant! I'm not sure why the fish kept blathering on, however.

At first I didn't know why the Big Daddy sounded like that and I thought "why are they having him sound like a gangsta, that makes no sense" then I realized he's supposed to be a pimp and I really laughed.

Why did Ryan have to die, he was just standing there playing golf?

Also it seems err odd that the protagonists don't know what Adam is but know 'would you kindly'


Hot damn!



We don't censor the shows, the creators do. Don't be an idiot on our forums.

I mean, have you ever seen the other stuff we run?

yes i have seen it, i've been watching ZP since before i had a escapist account
(i found out about him on G4)
though if you say that it is not you, and is the creators i must apologize.
although i have read on one of the TWBB forums that censoring was part of a new policy, however i would have to point out that although it might be, you don't censor ZP,
so i apologize.


did anyone get the "Gary's Mod" bit?

Desert Tiger:
You have made me so fucking scared of Cooking Mama now.

What, only now? She creeped me out even before that episode where she readily cooked a human being.

Truly, truly magnificent stuff. As said before, Velociraputure was great.

Fantastic, I cannot wait for the next one.

i didnt like it. jokes are cliche and plot is nonsensical. it almost is the worst Doomsday episode.

Just wondering but how did you guys make a awesome Big Daddy outfit like that in like two weeks time?

Yo, long time viewer, first time commenter:

I really like this show, the premise is fuckin' awesome and the production values are epic, the characters are interesting and the plot is nice

The reason i'm commenting though is because something has been nagging me for aeons now and that's the dialog... In the first episodes it was fairly well written but since then it seems that it has gone down hill into retardation and is sometimes so cringe-worthy that i have to facepalm on the keyboard. Now i get that this is a comedy show and the video game related gags are always really groovy, but the witty banther between Lund and Shanks always seems to fall somewhere between bad private humor best left unshared with the world and pants down retarded. Also sometimes the dramatic music and gory twists in some episodes seems to castrate the humor somewhat, and it makes it kind of forced, like you were in the middle of writing a horror epic and remembered halfway through that you were supposed to be making a gaming related comedy.

I'm mainly mentioning this because i believe the immense potential of this show is being kind of you know... wasted.

Still, an awesome job though, and the Big Daddy pimp was as hilarious as he was fuckin' awesomely made.


Loved the bit about the Hungarian guy stealing the sweat off his brow.

cant watch it video doesn't bloody load....

it plays 20 seconds and then loads in reverse from 20 to 0 and stops...that's it..wth is that?

I cant wait for them to try and censor yahtzee.

This episode shows just how far the invasion has progreessed. To the point where entire video game citys are entering the real world.

Just to clarify this was in responce to something.

kukuku ^^:

Great episode!

Great Big Daddy Suit too.
And that is the best firewall I've seen

EDIT: Also, Adam isn't inside Little Sisters, they're inside their syringes

Actually ADAM's mass produced in sea slugs in Little Sisters' stomachs.

Also, the Little Sisters recycle ADAM by taking it from dead splicers with their syringes and drinking it.

So I was right! Shanks gets a Hypnotize Big Daddy Plasmid and uses it. Lund unfortunately being infected with a virus thanks to Creepy Mama is now fighting a Big Daddy and Shanks just killed Andrew Ryan. So here are my theories as to what I expect in the next episode;

1. Lund finds a weapon to fight the Big Daddy like the Grenade Launcher, Chemical Thrower, or the Crossbow. If not those then at least the shotgun or Thompson Machine Gun because Lund already has a pistol. Also Lund would equip the weapon with the armor piercing or electric ammo.

2. Shanks or both Lund and Shanks encounter Sander Cohen and/or Frank Fontaine.

3. Shanks or Lund and Shanks have to fight a Rosie or a different Bouncer and rescue or harvest a Little Sister to use an ADAM vending machine for whatever purpose necessary be it fighting Splicers, Big Daddies, Sander Cohen, or Frank Fontaine. Also they encounter a Security camera, sentries, or security bots.

4. Shanks finds Lot 192 or makes a Lazarus Vector to cure Lund of his virus problem.

5. They escape Rapture in a Bathysphere and end up in the next game land.

I really liked how a quick scenes from an aquarium were made into Rapture indoors. I'm very much looking forward to the next one and more possible Plasmid and weapon upgrades.

Noooooooooo Gary!

But no-one gets passed his firewall!

Awesome Big Daddy suit!

Wonderful , a 12 minute episode. Good work Doomsday!

What I got? I got a big ass drill bitch. LMAO great line...

ok so is Lund evil now?
also are they still invincible?
and the Houdini Splicer needs more screen time

all in all good show boys

Holy shit, the Dice Lord was right!

I must say you guys have out done your selfs with this one loved it

Ah, I got the "atlas" reference at the end. As well as the multiple monty python's the meaning of life references.

Nobody gets past my firewall.

Montage pending...

Michael Bay, these two will replace you. And it will be awesome.

I fucking hope so.

nooo not Gary, he was so cool
even if he was a huge jerk

but man that was intense...

Ha wow thats sooo funny it was a great episode and it really makes me want to play Bioshock agains.

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