The Escapist Film Festival 2009: But I Did It in a Videogame

But I Did It in a Videogame

Every day millions of men, women, and children encounter a myriad of scenarios outside their daily experiences. Only a brave few attempt to take those virtual experience points into the real world. These are their stories.

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I really liked it, I hope you win, although I think that more dialogue would be better, but that's just me.

Hey I found a good one, I about lost hope there for a while. Amusing and not too long, not awesome acting but still good enough. You have my vote

Good joke, though I think too a little too long in getting to the punchline.

i really liked watching you run for half the video...awesome

Hahaha, actually quite funny. While it took a bit too long to actually get to where you were going with it, I'm really liking the idea so far. Good work!

The orange tip on your gun gives away its airsoft. Want to see a bit more effort. Whats the storyline? Why do they need a hard drive? Whats on the hard drive?

Good idea poorly executed IMO

Could be much much shorter. You could skip the nonsense running part and focus on crossing the street. Also you talked too much. This could have been a funny video that would take little over a minute. But it's just too long and the punchline, while funny is not paying off for all that waiting. seems like the point of this contest is to create an idea for a show...where would this one go? not a bad little funny video, but we get the joke, albeit too long in development. how does this become a series?

So, no story, bad directing, and an old joke.... I don't see this going anywhere.

Mr. Blond:
i really liked watching you run for half the video...awesome

Same, but it would have been funnier if they stopped and slowed down like you do in Modern Warfare if you run for too long.

Quite funny though. Could have had more laughs but was a good start.

The idea of the series is people who try to use game skills in real life. Regardless of whether we win or not, the next episode we're going to do will probably be a Trauma Center one. The series will focus on different genre's of games each week, rather than focus on a single plot. I know the running in was long :( We had a lot of footage edited down to not much film, so we layered in some of the different shots we had to build that up. Then we blew up a Humvee to make it a bit more fun. Thanks to all the people who like it, and thanks for the criticism to everyone who didn't. We'll take that into consideration when if we do another one.

That was a very funny episode, but I'm not sure if the idea could work over a series. I mean, it is pretty much based entirely on one joke, and that may go stale after about 10 or so episodes if not sooner. That's my only worry with this show, though.

But, once you identify witch game "fantastic impossible thing" it is making reference then you already know the joke, far sooner than the punchline part. Maybe that was the reason for the extended running "scene", to build up some tension before the gamers knew exactly what "fantastic impossible thing" they where going to use.

Maybe if you take out all of the gaming language it would work on non gamers, but come on this the escapist.

Kinda obvious and I can't see this working for very long.

lookingforloper: seems like the point of this contest is to create an idea for a show...where would this one go? not a bad little funny video, but we get the joke, albeit too long in development. how does this become a series?

i was wondering the exact same thing, unless it took different video game memes(for lack of a better term) i suppose and did the same thing, but i suspect even that would not have enough longevity

This reminds me a lot of PurePwnage. With a bit of practice and poshish this could be a great series! Im just thinking of future sketchs.. you did the loads of guys (no respawn) gag, maybe a "il bounce this frag so perfectly it will hit the target with style", "of course we will fit through there!" or "Dude that a ramp! Break!" plenty of "i did it in a video game once" classics to run with!

Got my vote!

Funny, but I see no series potential here.

Nice, the knife joke made me chuckle, well done. Good effects too.

Kinda of agree that it might not have a huge longevity in it, I actually thought this clip alone was a little long, but otherwise nicely done.

judging voice: could use better pacing, and what else could be done with the core concept? didn't show

me: hahaa nice with the knife joke, almost expected you to stick a little mirror to it with some chewing gum x)

Very good! One of the only two entries I've seen that I actually enjoyed and would like to see go further!
The acting was a bit off, but nothing too bad, and the camera quality could have been better, but I assume with funding, it'll be much better in the future. This was highly original, and really could go places in the future, and you will be recieving my vote for today =]

Funny one-joke film, okay filming and good editing with effects, but can see no longevity to this as a series. It was a one-off skit.

Hey guys, I did the editing on the video and provided the grinning idiot in the digital BDUs, and I'd like to say that no one's been more critical on this thing than me on myself, and I highly appreciate all the comments, critical and praiseworthy. It was fun to make, fun to edit, and is indescribably rewarding to hear your guys' thoughts on it, even the negative ones, because that still reminds me that we finished it and got it published. I'm sure we'll make more and hopefully we can really take what you guys have pointed out to us here and make it even better.

I personally extend a thank you to everyone who has taken the time to comment on our video!

fat guy and generic soldier number two.... you have got my vote.

Although the concept is something that has been juggled around Youtube for quite some time, it's good to see someone taking the initiative to come up with a Series that could actually go somewhere. You will get my vote today.

I do have some qualifiers that you should work on, should you win.

- I would get to the point a little faster. Running for half the video provided context to only those that have played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for days on end (like myself). If anything, you could have done quick 'snipit' clips like Robot Chicken.
- If you're going to go for a game, make sure you dress appropriately for all those on-screen. The non-marine guy was cool and all, but he needed to be in some kind of fatigues.
- On running shots, try to keep the players on-frame as much as possible.
- Under NO Circumstances are you to attempt the 'flip' camera idea again. It's not cool, it's annoying.

I liked it, but the premise for the series holds much more promise than the video shows. Here are some things you might try:

- The Mario games. Imagine if you had the power to jump 10 feet in the air and kill people by stomping on them, and the only way you had to open boxes was by getting underneath them and headbutting them. A short joke, but a very visual one that would make a great one-time gag.

- Quake, for one reason: rocket-jumping.

- JRPGs. The Japanese love cliches, and so do I, but I also love mocking cliches. Consult The Grand List Of Console Role Playing Game Clichés for inspiration.

- MMORPGs. You could make an entire video of yourselves running around and conducting menial tasks. You'd need some trick to make us watch all the way through, but I think you can come up with something, and the MMORPGs could use a good ribbing for all the boring stuff you have to do.

- Duckhunt. Respect the classics.

Find a good balance between breaking down the cliches (having the characters try to act like videogame characters and fail in a humorous manner) and propping up cliches (having the characters try to act like videogame characters and succeed in a humorous manner). I don't think you'll make The Escapist, but I hope you get a chance to make a series somewhere. Good luck!

I can't see this becoming a good web series. Sorry.

It took a little too long to get to the funny.

- Under NO Circumstances are you to attempt the 'flip' camera idea again. It's not cool, it's annoying.

We probably won't. Our camerawoman accidentally got her feet in the shot which resulted in hours of foxtrot screaming at his computer attempting to make them go away.

As we learned though, when lost in Final Cut, the answer is always zoom.

interesting idea and interesting explosion effects.
acting and editing is not bad.
but i think the video is a bit detailless.
you could add more details, for example while they were on the door, i expected the enemies inside the room shoot outside.
or some wounds or dirt on the faces of the actors.
details small or big can affect the quality of the result.

The one in the hood doesn't exact act so well, not sure if it was done intentionally that way, but if you guys were seriously trying to act good then you didn't really do a good job. But since this is a comedy perhaps it doesn't matter so much, still I believe it would be better if it seemed like you two were acting like if it was a real battle.

This is kind of a shaggy dog story, isn't it? I can't imagine what you'll do if you win.

fuck no respawn?!

honestly i hate when that happens.


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