The Escapist Film Festival 2009: Got Game?

Got Game?

Join James a hard core gamer as he tries to educate Matt about the world of gaming.

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fun to imagine discovering gaming for my first time...that's about all i got outta this though

Ha ha nice! James reminds me of Moss from IT crowd :P

Well we chose fighting games as a starting point, if it continued here or somewhere else we would be looking at all types of genres including mmorpg's, RTS, Driving games etc.

The problem with this was though with all the extra footage we did it could have been a 15 minute film, I think if this continued time management would be one of the the big things I needed to fix.

Anyways thanks for watching and thanks for the comments ^_^

Ignoring the fact that its probably impossible for someone not know about gaming any-more.
This has its moments, with some better equipment and some more confidence with line delivery then it could make a series.
Especially if you explore a little more into the characters development and the changes that occur.

I liked it. Good luck to you.


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