The Escapist Film Festival 2009: GameBreakers: Episode 1 Band Band Revolution

GameBreakers: Episode 1 Band Band Revolution

Life is hell in retail. No one knows this better then David, Briana and Ronny, the staff of second rate game shop GameBreakers.
When the new rhythm game floods the shop with obnoxious dancers, the staff create the most difficult music game of all time, Band Band Revolution.

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having a hot chick on your show gets automatic votes...+1

with a good mic, i can see this as a series

good idea.

I wanna see more of these.

This was good, really funny and worryingly like something most of my friends would do.
Could use a better set and a better delivery on the lines.

I like it. It's like a mix between The IT Crowd and Black Books. Great camera work, comedy and concept. Make more!

That's funny you did a video on that. Me and my friends were going to actually try that haha


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