The Escapist Film Festival 2009: Pitch Imperfect: "Controversial Elements"

Pitch Imperfect: "Controversial Elements"

A pitch for a game that features nearly every real and imagined controversial element in electronic games of the last thirty years.

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that was really funny. the only problem is now what do you talk about in future episodes?

Not my bloody cathedral!

Funny in places but I can't see much future potential.

Yeah, I liked it, but where do you go from there?
That's a problem with many of these videos, how are they sup[posed to be continued?
Since you referenced just about every videogame controversy in that video.

Dont let any studios see this or they'll steal your great game idea. :)

I really liked that one. Made me laugh.

I...I would play that game...

"Controversial Elements" was envisioned as a first in a series of game proposals, thus the name "Pitch Imperfect". A few other ideas, from the top of the brain:

Envisioning a cutesy corporate mascot character's future development (having already been featured in platform games and then moving on to racers, RPGS, and drop-three puzzle games, as well as having had a human love interest, gone the "dark brooding hero" route, and picked up a substantial entourage of side-characters)- "Extreme" sports games? cooking games? Bass-fishing games...?

[Attempted] justifications for every annoying feature in MMORPGS...

Movie tie-ins for movies that have absolutely no good reason to have a video game associated with them... ("It's 'LEGO: Antichrist'!")

Gratuitous uses of interface ("You shake the IPhone back and forth diagonally to make an 'X', and then spin it around in a circle to make an 'O'")...


I also ask, where would you go from here?

Secondly, I would so play that game.

"What's the point?"
"Heh, you think there's a point in this game."

I also ask, where would you go from here?

See post 8.

Loved the epilogue. Make more!

this looks interesting, and I would definitely play that game

sounds like an awesome game.. i like how you tied in a couple other games just so it would make even less sence.. niice


A clever and enjoyable video. I wish the maker all the best for the future!

ummmmmmmm.....ya......i would play that.... i think.

That was hilarious!

It may sound wrong, but I'd totally play that game.


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