The Escapist Film Festival 2009: Gennosuke Oboro Stay

Gennosuke Oboro Stay

Joining just for the hell of it.

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This is nothing short of beautiful and you got my vote. I do wonder what to expect from this series. As far as I understand you took a snippet from the Basilisk anime and put a song on top of it. The result is breathtaking but what is your effort in this? Did you write the song yourself? Or did you just compile the song and the video?

if the creator is the singer then you have some talent and i salute you...i just don care to see anymore of it

how did this make it through? i assume that either the video or the music (perhaps both) are copyrighted by someone who is not you, if you have made either color me impressed, but in case you didn't this is nothing more than the billion videos on you tube where some dude took a song and some clips from their favorite anime in a bag and shook it together.

I get the feeling that you entered this in the pioneering spirit of 'why not'.
If indeed you have sung this then you have some amazing talent, not the kind of stuff I listen too but that is talent.
As a
There no real content behind this beyond a clip and a track. If this gained some more content (the music being there to summarise the content or express something about the clip) then perhaps.

I don't think anyone wants to see a AMV win. There are many other entries I'd rather vote for. Sorry.

What is the point!!


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