The Escapist Film Festival 2009: Eastern European Video Game Nerd

Eastern European Video Game Nerd

He has come from the former Soviet Union to review video game consoles from the ages of yore.

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i liked the concept of reviewing really old games/consoles/systems. but the accent was horrible and rather cringeworthy.

The idea was nice but you basically ripped off the "Angry Video Game Nerd" but renamed it slightly. It is respectable that you reviewed something that he and other popular reviewers have not reviewed but you couldn't keep my interest.

There are too many reviewers on the internet and I don't really want to see another retro gaming reviewer. Sorry.

You know, I actually like this. If you can actually get your hands on multiple weird knockoffs from behind the iron curtain it could be interesting. And even though it looks like the AVGN et all, the way he tries to play up the obvious flaws in the game as qualities is very nice. ("it's almost in color, because it has two colors... black and white").

But, you need to write your script beforehand and memorize it and recite it well. It's obvious you were adlibbing. Don't.
You need a tripod. I hope your friend isn't too heartbroken to find out a tripod can do his work better. Make a penis joke if it makes him feel better.
You need to stop pacing around when you're talking. It's ennerving.

Follow these tips, and you won't be ranked so inexplicably low on the next Escapist Video Festivel. Tell them The Random One sent you. (They will think it's someone important they forgot about.)


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