The Escapist Film Festival 2009: Technical Difficulties

Technical Difficulties

Q: What does your favorite network do when they lose the signal? A: They show this. This is a mash-up video of six comedic, video game & pop culture related skits. Made by the Nevada Union Film Club. Enjoy.

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i hate fake arm tattoos...saving the vote.

I actually laughed at the witch-L4D part, it maybe could have been even better if you didn't even looked at each other before shooting her, or if you did it but for less time.

I didn't quite understood what the "gas mask character" was saying but I've seen sound is a common problem for several of the videos plus English is not my native language so that might have something to do with that too...

Some of your sketches were amusing but there are other entries that I'd rather vote for. Good luck.

I LOVE JACOB!...I dont but this is pretty funny but when saying FATAL MISTAKE please try to make it sound less strained.


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