The Escapist Film Festival 2009: The Princess and the POD

The Princess and the POD

Princess Josselyn of the planet Saskabooblian leads an easy but boring and sheltered life, until one day when she is accidentally picked up by a crew of misfit freelance couriers. Quickly finding themselves the catalyst for a grand interstellar war, they must now not only find a way to return Josselyn safely and clear their names, but hopefully put a stop to the impending war as well.

The Princess and the POD is a science fiction comedy, completely shot in green screen and placed within a stylized 3D CGI world.

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This video has got my vote, it was absolutely stunning in every way possible. Nice work folks!

not enough funny but good set-up for the start of the series and so far the most original look

Funny, good idea, Game-Related Props ( I saw the Snes Cartridge and Guitar Hero Drums ) but feels like some comedy sitcom that belongs on BBC 1.

There's another layer of comedy to the ships console, the N64 cartridge that acts as the navigation control is Starfox64.

Thank you everyone for watching and for the amazing comments so far!

A bit light on the humour and seems wooden where there is feels too Song CD-i for me...

Sweet job, guys - very AdultSwim styling, looking forward to seeing what's next!

I'm glad to see that my daily votes keep getting you closer to the first page!

Great look.

I found it to be extremely original. I think the funny could be spruced up, but other than that, I found it very entertaining. Nice work.

Design on this is really fun. Nice job! Agreed that the funny could be amped up, but I think that will come with further story development. Looking forward to it!

This so got my vote. Keep up the great work!

So funny! Hooray!

Not bad. It reminds me of Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. Make more!

Not bad. It reminds me of Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. Make more!

Me too and firefly music good animation also.

This is the greatest thing since taquitos!

This is the greatest thing since taquitos!

I want some taquitos...


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