The Escapist Film Festival 2009: Powerless.


When the power goes out, it's just a gamer, a webcam and a laptop that seems to have a mind of its own.

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i made it a minute into the vid...'nuff said

I thought it was very well done, very intresting and entertaning. Voted!

Totally voted! So intelligent, yet funny, much like another video series I frequently watch. . .*grin*

I held on for the whole thing, and it was SO worth it. Good job, man!

Thanks, the good wishes and vibes are appreciated. :)

absolutely not.

Well, I liked the song at the end.

anything that gives tabletop RPGs the time of day gets my vote. good luck, dude!

Please, fix the background audio noise. It's unbereable.

I liked this video. Very informative about D&D and enjoyable. Just for the Venture Brothers music at the end, I plan to vote for you daily.

With that said, your mic and web cam sucks. You are not going to win but if you continue to make these videos, I will watch them.


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