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A student who is involved in a ground-breaking project at the University tampers with the project's computer files, but before he can fix them, the device is activated, which leaves him, another student, and a few members of the University staff traveling in strange new
places, without a sign of being able to get back home.

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anyone thinking ripoff?

anyone thinking ripoff?

Just you, and Lund and Shanks who are waiting outside his house.

Wasn't too bad I must say

Complete rip off of Dooms Day Arcade, but entertaining none the less.

Yeah.... definitely within the same vein, yet for some reason not nearly as amusing... or well edited. Admirable attempt though.

On the bright side.. I watched the whole thing.. first one so far.

my 6th one. best yet.

how many of these things are there...i thought there was just one page but there's like do they expect us to vote for the best when they can't narrow it down to regards to this's like quantum leap for gamers...meh


anyone thinking ripoff?

Just you, and Lund and Shanks who are waiting outside his house.

Wasn't too bad I must say

actually it was very bad. the acting was fucking awful, almost as bad as a SIMple life and if my thoughts were just paranoid you wouldn't have known what i was talking about.virtual reality and kounter got my vote.

Aside from the lack of originality, it wasn't too bad. Nowhere near great though.
Acting needs a little work, as does passing and scene transitions.
The script wasn't bad.
Amusing in its own way and the style is very different from dooms day arcade, so if they worked on the above issues it could be a refreshing change from the more manic series.

I agree: it's the unfunny rip-off of Doomsday Arcade. Not the sort of thing that makes me wish for a whole series.


I would have voted for this video if they had said, just once 'I hope this next leap, is the leap home'

Hmm too similair, im lookign for somethign new, NEXT!

This is Doomsday Arcade, minus the quality.

this is shitty.


@williebaz: How did you find out- do you own one? We got it at Goodwill, but didn't know what it was. We didn't find out what it was supposed to be until a couple days later when I figured out it had a door that could open.found the button to open the door. The instructions were on the inside.

@GuiltBlade: I thought it turned out fairly well considering we did the whole thing in less than a week. If we budget our time better, the quality of the next episodes will only get better.

It's a good try, however, quite disjointed. The point in the actual video was lacking. You introduced characters that seem to disappear. You also didn't explain anything, and setup nothing to continue the series (batteries granted, but I didn't feel any "draw" to the movie).

So it's a 'Gamers' Sliders (anyone old enough here to remember that show?), I get that. But, you didn't explain how the travel works. Does it carry everyone? Does it create a portal (ala Sliders) that you must jump through? There was a disjointed concept there.

Anyways, nice try, but I would have given it an audience other than yourselves before submitting.

I prefer the other entries, sorry.

dude this was filmed in my city ive been to that harkins

I agree with everyone else who said this is far to similar to Doomsday Arcade.

Even though this is filmed in my hometown and would love to see some phoenix landmarks in action, it needs a lot of work.


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