The Escapist Film Festival 2009: Gaming Weird

Gaming Weird

Ralen is an expert gamer who's fascinated by the stranger side of games.
This episode, Ralen takes the fear out of Silent Hill 2.

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ummm...i couldn't even make it half way

I like the concept and the humor's good, but the sound could have used a boost. It was very quiet.

Good luck!

Yeah, terrible mic, but I leveled the audio so you can crank it up. Trying to get my hands on a good mic, but just don't have the money yet.

Great concept - glitches in games amuse me too! Gotta love the Buckethead!

new mic and new new camera.
I really can't think what to say to this.
It's be no means bad and has some strange quality that made me stick with it to the end, with some more content and more of the peaks inside your characters minds it could be really funny.
As it is I'm not sure if my brain is stuttering or if this is the caffeine talking.

Yeah, mic and camera are my current goals, but considering all the technical difficulties I'm really excited with how this turned out! There was even a third character that had to be written out at the last minute (unavailable) so it was kind of re-written on the spot.
After doing this in one night I can't wait to actually put some time into a project!

And I'm glad you like the sketchy thought gags! I'm always anxious to hear what people like/don't like.

Hey David, checked out the video by Dema's request and found it quite entertaining.
You need to work on your lighting, but other than that no real complaints.
Other people might not understand the true nuances of your characters because this is the first time they've seen them. So why not shamelessly plug your website,

Keep up the work man.

Great editing of the game and this was a pretty good entry. You need a better mic and camera though.

I liked it, the little chibi conscience really made it.

Thanks for the comments and thanks to everyone who voted! Hopefully I'll get my hands on a good mic (+camera?) in the near future, and I'm planning on doing more vids around January-ish so be sure to check that out.
Happy holidays everybody!



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