Unskippable: Zone of the Enders

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Hah, great work, as usual. My favorite parts the bit about mixing up Monoply for Parcheesi, the "Cockpit" gag, and the discussion of breasts on a mech.

I wonder if they'll do Valkyrie Profile...I love that game.

I just nostalgia'ed from this video, man that was a fun game back in the day. Funny thing though I didn't remember anything from this video, I guess thats for a good reason right? :)



ZOE2 was a lot better (although it also had some pretty ridiculous cutscenes)

Agree 100%. Second Runner is an amazing game.

I'll second that, Second Runner was a lot more fun.

i think i am fourthing this opinion if such a thing is possible, ZOE: 2 is one of the few games i have replayed till well over the point of nausea, i kinda hope that one day there will be a third instalment, but it will probably suck

about this episode, it was funny as hell alot of funny jokes from start to finish

I've got the GBA ZoE game (Fist of Mars), it's pretty cool... Are the console ones anything like it?

Yes in the sense there are Orbital Frames and it's in space. No in the sense of gameplay. Fist of Mars is a strategy game with real-time dodging/aiming (which I really liked). While the first ZoE and Second Runner are action games. In Fist of Mars there was more of a team aspect and in both console games you're alone taking on numerous drones.

I love the ZoE games, and the first one is good, but it's easy to finish it in one sitting (I had to do it once because my sister didn't have a memory card yet). Second Runner improved on a lot from the first one in my opinion (mainly not using Leo as the main character) but I love the series (games and anime) and I really hope they'll make a 3rd game.

I enjoyed this Unskippable, good job :)

Slash Dementia:
Awesome Clerks reference. I never get tired of it. "In a row?"
Nice episode.

I almost hated that joke... mainly because I nearly painted my keyboard and monitor with Sprite... Guys, keep up the good work

I'm amazed as to why none of you are commenting on the characters' eyes. God, they were creepy. They all kinda looked like Cooking Mama, but not as terrifying. *shudders*

A good episode as always. =)

the story looks terrible.
Nice work guys. The bit with the Jumbo Jet and at the end were great.

Funny enough, the rest of the game isn't a thing like the intro. Said little boy doesn't leave the cockpit until the end of the game. Granted, he does more than enough whining.

One of these days, I'm going to finish ZoE II.

hmmm, Im impressed Grahm and Paul, you held in the Mech has tits joke till the middle, we are making progress! :)

Every time I hear or read a discussion on mech-breasts, I'm always reminded of Aphrodite from Mazinger Z (or Tranzor Z). At least her mech-boobs were functional missles.


...And apparently they had nipples! Maybe that's where the guidance systems are located? O_O


They keep doing games I've played :) hooray!
Good job though guys, I did think that ZotE was a bit of an odd game.

Distorted Stu:
They all look like Metal gears?!

actually i was thinking more like armored cores when i was watching it.

It was really, really good this week, guys.

Loved it!

I've never played this, but I assume the zone of the enders is in the East...

I loved the Orson Scott Card reference.

Jeez, that's harsh, the one game I love from Hideo Kojima and you'll never eve consider a rental?

OK...fine... :(

Great cockpit joke (I guess I lost too)

I'm not sure which I enjoyed more. The Orson Scott Card reference, or the Clerks reference.

Smirk-inducing as always, gents. Keep it up!

Wow, zone of the enders is pretty damn old. I'm amazed they chose something that came out in the first generation of ps2 games. What's next? Are they gonna dust off Legend of the Dragoon or Grandia 2 (saturn version).

Well, the game itself was pretty fun.

that would be nice actually.

The Clerks reference made this episode better than it already was. :D

This is quite possibly one of the creepiest cutscenes, and not in a good way. But made for some jolly good riffs.

Everything is better in space right?

Play spot the mech anime cliche characters and plot in spaaaace!

Another good episode, thanks guys.

"I bet she says that to all the guys" I lol's so hard.

Keep up the good work guys.

No, not everything is better in space. Think golf.

What an amazingly baaad cutscene. Impressed.

all i remember about this game is its horrible camera system.

Omg, I used to own in this game. The first two levels that is.

Over and over and over.

I can't remember this cutscene though. Maybe because I was really young at the time.

I just played this for the first time two years ago.

Whenever they mentioned the colony shaft, my friend and I would reply "Shaft!", in a high-pitched voice like the song. It was hilarious.

enders lets see

rear enders cause this game is crap

enders of my idea to by this game

ender, that place full of those ewoks I think

one of my favourite unskippables so far I think, and this - the bad cutscene aside - seems like a pretty good game. I think I'll have to get this.



ZOE2 was a lot better (although it also had some pretty ridiculous cutscenes)

Agree 100%. Second Runner is an amazing game.

I'll second that, Second Runner was a lot more fun.

Thirded, 2nd runner was absolutely awesome, may have to fire my ps2 up soon to have another go!

Wait, what?

Funny episode, but I really couldn't tell what was going on in that cutscene. Maybe I'm just stupid :/

Cockpits shafts..............they just did it to us again didn't they.

Look, what you do on your own time is your business. Just keep it off the radio.

What an amazingly baaad cutscene. Impressed.

Still doesn't top Scenic Tenuto.

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