Unskippable: Zone of the Enders

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one game I never bought, and never will!

Why not? It's, like, $3.80 USD!
Seriously, though, even though it was low-budget and the only reason anyone ever bought it in the first place was the MGS2 demo it was packaged with, it was actually a pretty fun albeit short game. The gameplay was, in my opinion, better than any of the Robotech games I ever played. Even for a project Kojima did in his spare time to promote another Metal Gear title, it still failed to disappoint me.

Wow, based on the opening cutscene this game looks terrible. I guess that's being unfair but I still won't be purchasing it unless I find it in a $3 bin somewhere. And hooray for the Clerks reference! Great film!

Orson Scott Card was the first thing that came to my mind too when I saw "Enders". lol


Of course, the argument could be made he started phoning it in with the Ender's Christmas Miracle story or whatever.

Too many good moments in this video, which is sad because this really was a pretty good game and as a bonus it came with the best 1/4 of MGS2.

well.... the problem is that I live in Europe. Our pricing is a bit higher than yours...
I looked and saw that it cost 10€ which is about 14$... Still too much.

this game was immensly hard.

one of the best games i had on PS2 though.

this game was immensly hard.

one of the best games i had on PS2 though.

When in the 6 collective hours it took to beat was it hard?

Wow, they actually gave the kid the option to punch out that weirdo. How often does a villain give you that option?

So what's that thing called the pilot uses to steer the airplane?

Great work again, the cock-pit thing cracked me up.

I used to have the first game when i was younger, even then i thought it was ass.

Well, that's out of the way.
Was the thing that showed up on the monitor when the kid entered the aforementioned pit look like a penis to anyone else?

Um why is this cutscene so bad? I mean it has everything that makes stuff worth watching.. A hot chick that isnt afraid to play a lil dirty if you know what i mean MECHS and SPAACEE!! what else do you need? Oh it also has all the normal cliches.. But those are standard anyways.. Only way to make this better is to have Godzilla fighting mechs on the mooon with a giant swarm of zombies doing thriller in the backround in zero gravity oh yeah!!


You are the Navigator!

Haha molasses mechs

I love the games though (Zone of the Enders and its sequel),they're refreshing change from Metal Gear Solid too bad Kojima didn't given it love as much MGS.

I do hope to see The Unskippable: Zone of the Enders 2.

Is this game any good?

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