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Everyday Developer

In this issue of The Escapist, we asked a handful of game developers to describe the everyday, down-and-dirty details of what encompasses a life lived making games.

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Being a developer is not as easy and fun as people think it is You've got to be dedicated, eh?

Developers are just as human as we are, so they are subject to making errors, as any human. The fact that they work (nowadays) in large groups makes those errors less frequent, but they still exist. It's rare now to see comercial games who entirely "miss the point" of themselves, but sometimes that happen, even with all those beta-testing and such. And then, who we blame? The developers!
We should never forget the pressure those guys are receivng, not only from us, costumers, but from the owners of their business, marketing wizards, who think they now what WE want/need/will-pay-huge-cash-for. And sometimes developers, under that pressure, turn a game into a product themselves would not buy.


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