232: I, Gaijin

I, Gaijin

Making it on your own as an independent game designer is tough in any locale, let alone a place that can feel downright alien to a Westerner. But some independent game-makers have chosen to give it a go in the megalopolis that is Tokyo. Ryan Winterhalter speaks with three Western designers who dare to call the Japanese capital home.

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Certainly an insight to the working day of a Freelance in Tokyo. I never thought that the companies would treat people like they do...

Thank you very much for your aticle! It was a brilliant read!

Great article its fascinating to see how the japanese companies run

Ahh..."Red tape" is everywhere, isn't it? Bureaucracy at work.

The problem with Japan being a clean, polite place is that you have to stay in your place until you've been there for a long time, because that's what being polite is.

Certainly gave me an insight on Japans game developer's lifestyles. Though it's a damn shame too, as an Aussie its so unbelievably difficult to get into the gaming industry without blowing 50k on University +5 years, and getting into University itself is a nightmare. :|

A fascinating read.

I hope to one day enter myself into the game industry, either independently or joining a company, and this article provides many interesting insights. I find it amazing that with today's world connecting technology one can have a successful job even in a foriegn environment.

It must be tough, though incredibly exciting, to be an expatriate independent game developer.

Gotta study hard, but now I know it's possible.


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