232: In Transition

In Transition

This year alone, thousands of professional game developers are moving from one company to the next as studios close and new opportunities present themselves. But not many have an entire country between their old life and their new one. Brenda Brathwaite recounts her epic journey from Savannah to San Francisco.

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I have tons of respect for the advocation and progressive ideas you have brought to gaming. I can't wait to see what comes of your re-involvement into actual game development again, especially now that gaming has become (in the mass market) more of a true media than just a niche hobby. Best wishes in your renewed dev career!

Awesome writing! Brenda, I consider you as one of the most important and influential person in this beloved industry. Everywhere I look, I see your work, either from gamecareerguide.com, or right here on Escapist, or with the IGDA or even while I try Jagged Alliance for the first time in 2007 on Gametap. I wished I had the honor to be one of your student! I can't wait to see your work.

I agree with the post above. A very nice piece. Touching

I have no comment for this, but they I read what that game 'Train' was about, and... wow. That's a punch in the gut. That's what game design needs these days. Punches in the gut. Not things like the airport scene in MW2, which are pretty much a flick to the ear after which the victim lies down and pretends to be in pain to help alone.

May your life be as you wish it to be, Brenda, and may games turn out how you expect.

Man, that's a long dessert, if it beat out Texas. I habitually make that drive about once a season, both ways, across Texas, so I know what you mean on that account.

I agree. Games are awesome.
So is this article.

From the looks of it, this game still is in early development. But do you have any predictions of when there will be an announcement of what it is about?

Inspiring read, by the way. Congratulations on the new job. =]

Also, GAMEDEV license plate. Style.


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