232: Game Development for the Damned and Delirious

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Well that made me sad...Mostly because you said that there are coders who aren't even finished with elementary school! WTF! I can't even code. Every time I try and learn I either have to shell out cash or the tutorials won't install...Damn it...And now because of this article I feel even less inclined to try and learn.

There are places where developers can go, get ideas, discuss design, get tips, follow tutorials. I'm a member of a game dev forum, in fact it might be the biggest game dev forum for all ages that there is. It's well moderated, no flame wars or trolling allowed. I have always been a programmer, since before I could read and write properly... but I never achieved very much until I joined this forum... http://forum.thegamecreators.com/

Since then, I've made a dozen PC games, some solo projects, some as coder in a small team. To tackle a solo game project, you have to be confident in your abilities to do everything, or at least most things. I would say that people shouldn't worry about music, because muso's tend to be quite happy to provide videogame music - it gets their work out there to a decent sized audience - it shouldn't cost anything as long as your game is free. Seriously, the previous game I made is a remake of Bruce Lee, and I found someone who had done a great redo of the original soundtrack, ideal - contacted him and he spent the next month making it perfect, for free. Sound effects are usually a case of sourcing, it's all out there - you just have to spend the time finding good sound effects, or pass that work onto someone else - it's not rocket surgery. Graphics can be stylised - but again, a lot of people would love to make graphics for a game, design characters, and it's not a matter of making money (at least not for everyone).

Now, for example, the latest package they have is AGK, App Game Kit - which is a BASIC programming language, very easy to learn and use, it has Box2D built in (physics engine used in Angry Birds) - and it's cross platform. With that, you can program in Basic and compile onto your iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android tablet, Bada.... the list goes on. Typically cross platform development is time consuming and complex, AGK kicks that notion in the teeth. They have My Doddle Game as well, people can write whole games in an afternoon if they want - they have 6 year olds making games in that thing. There really are options for every skill level, there is no excuse for procrastination.

As much as I agree with the reality of this article, I'm just saying it doesn't have to be like that. It takes determination to finish a game, because mostly, game development gets boring when trying to finish a game, it's a real skill to navigate the pitfalls and get a project finished. Even though I've done alright, I've still only completed about 10% of the projects I've started - it's all a learning experience, until you find a project that you really want to complete. The biggest failure would be failure to try.

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