Zero Punctuation: Demon's Souls

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Demon's Souls

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Demon's Souls.

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did they switch video formats or players or something? half of the time the video refuses to load or get past a black screen.

How the HELL have you people already watched it?

Jesus christ does Yahtzee get up early! Its 3:00am in Australia!

that was brilliant

A dodge move that can't dodge shit, wow what a truly awrsome game Demon Ssssoul is.

Must say, I was looking at this game in curiosity until I watched this. Think I'll pass. Super-hard games aren't my thing.

After watching a friend playing the opening sequence in exactly the same way, I completely understand the frustration. I shall never ever buy this game

top form sir, top form

No need to knock Sussex...

cant beat zero punctuation



I will never understand why you do this you idiots... Also, gamers get advertising calls as well.


Oh man, that was good, had me laughing through-out, I still want this game though. Bring it out in the UK pleasssssssssse

Demon's Souls is pretty much on beyond hard difficulty.

It reminds me of this game...

Sounds absolutely terrible.

good stuff.

Jesus christ does Yahtzee get up early! Its 3:00am in Australia!

But it's 12:07 PM on the east coast of America.

Anyways, rather good work Yahtzee. That game's dificulty and shittiness reminds me of CO when I left it and plumbers dont wear ties.

ZP just made my day :))

That was an excellent review, and once again all the people who posted before time are going to get probation or a suspension

Heheh, "cowpat hell"

Omg that was one of the funnier ones. All of the dying is just hilarious. I would actually play that if it was on the 360. No ps3 for me. :( Although I'd probably end up breaking the damn disc in half out of frustration. Prototype almost made me do it. Haven't been that angry at a game since I was 12 lol. I did beat it though and Demonsoultrain would prove to be an exercise in futility. Looks hilariously difficult. :)

Yeah I won't be picking this one up. I don't like losing that much :P

Lol, personally I love this game. Then again instead of banging my head against a concrete wall my first play through, I just learned a spell called soul arrow.

I might actually get that game.

Looks like a challenge.

Like doing a maths exam while hung over.


Zero Punctuation, always fun and hilarious.

Good review, funny as always :D.

Haha, Sussex. I still want this game. I like torture.

Yahtzee, are you ever going to review Painkiller: Resurrection?

Good review by the way, although I was hoping you'd review Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

Seems like Yahtzee has yet another reason to ignore people that e-mail him.

Sounds like this game hearkens back to the days when games were Nintendo hard but without the appeal of nostalgia or anything resembling innovation. "An RPG with a Western feel? We haven't had one of those in ages! A dragon's age to be exact! ...Wait..."

Never seen a game that seems to hate players THAT much!! Yet another great video.

Well i can officially say i'm not on board for this game...specially since i tend to be a more defensive player in battle based games and it seems if dodging doesn't do shit then i guess blocking an attack would consist of sticking your face out whilst legions of guards come at you with sharp, shiny and pointed objects

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