There Will Be Brawl: The Story So Far

There Will Be Brawl: The Story So Far

The series finale of There Will Be Brawl is coming up this week. In case you haven't seen all the episodes, here's your chance to meet the major characters and see what's happened so far.

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Wow, I must have really been missing something by not watching this series. Any idea how long the whole thing will be when finished?

Wow, I must have really been missing something by not watching this series. Any idea how long the whole thing will be when finished?

quite long.

I can't wait to see how it ends. This is a monumental series, and it ranks as one of the best things on the escapist, I'm kinda sad to see it end.

Can't wait for the finale. Come on Friday, hurry up.

I just started watching them. I love them

Man, the finale is gonna be like an hour, judging by the progression of everything so far. But I'll wait for Friday, and I'll love. I wonder, when TWBB is done, will they entice themselves and their audience with another series? Only time and crying fans shall tell.

This series is awesome. Nuff said.


Really can't wait till the end... And wishing it would never end at the same time.

I'm happy to see the end yet sad it's ending. I have an idea, however, as to what the ending with be.

thanks for this! can't wait for the EPIC finale!

This series is epic.

Can't wait to see the finale climax...

Cudos to whoever you got to play Samus, she is smoking hot. I love your series and it's a shame to see it end, and I hope your finale is an hour long to encompass just how great this series is.

I'm really sad to see this show end, and it will be missed emensly...

...but this is going to be awesome.

TWBB has always been my favorite series on The Escapist. When it's all said and done with, it'll be sorely missed. Even so, I guess it's better to end the series in its prime than to allow it to decay over time.

The finale's looking great. I'm going to get some fellow fans together this Friday, and we're all gonna watch it together.

Oh what the hell?
SERIOUSLY?! I have to give a concert THAT DAY!

If it wasn't for the characters from SSB Brawl, this could be a good cable drama series in terms of its writing quality and near addictive plot.

I'll have to agree fully with The Gentlemen on this one, if it weren't for its video game based characters, this would easily be a drama series on par with the best out there. Acting has for the most part been nothing short of fantastic, story line is addictive, and the vast majority of the casting is top notch. King Dedede has to be my favorite casting in the series itself just perfect.

A sad occasion, but one of the best series I've seen on TV or computer nonetheless.

This series is what drew me to find It's truly bittersweet that the series is ending. I'm excited to find out who the butcher is and why they go for the insides? Bowser alluded to it in the latest episode and said something about "not getting their trophy" Funny how in the Brawl Subspace Missionary, story mode... when someone dies... their trophy pops up. Hmmm



And bowser was poisoned...
IN the Brawl Game... Peach has the counter move where she whips out toadstool and counters with a poison cloud. HMmmmmMMmMmMmMm..... VERY interesting.

Any other theories? I'd love to hear some.

This is gonna be one great early christmas present, that's for sure. I'm not bothering trying to figure out the ending, I want it to slap me round the face like a cold cod fillet.
And I'm getting that badge when I get back from work later, how long is it all so far? Well over 2 hours by now surely?

Ahhhhhhh, I don't want it to end! I never really got into it until last week when I watched the entire back series in the archives. Now it's about to end and I'm so annoyed... Still, great series, maybe if we start some petition or something we can get them to do a Season 2? New plot, perhaps, dealing with the aftermath of Season 1?

Been following this series all year. All I can say is this. Job well done!

Holy Fre'oles! So this is what this show is. Sounds cool.

I've been watching this since it came out and letting all the gamers I know about it soon after seeing the first epeisode.

This is the pinnacle of fan-made media.

Definitely one of those:

"Shit! Why didn't I think of that?"


I went through with the marathon today, and I can only say that was a fool for not watching the series earlier. It's simply jaw-droppingly well done and a really captivating story, and now I'm all hyped-up for the conclusion.
I've gotta go cool down now, way too excited...

my favorite series here.

ofcourse it isn't as funny as ZP or Unskippable,but it packs a punch in epicness.
i would like some closure so i can feel complete for a brief moment.....then i'd need some more.

Excellently done, a perfect rendition of a side of the game world we've never seen with a cast that lives up to the names they perform. Personally, Gannondorf's portrayal has been the highlight of the series, but that's just me. Tomorrow will be epic.

UPDATE: We are moving the launch of this to a little later today. Please stay tuned and thank you for your patience.

Am I the only one who doesn't want another season, LoL. I love this show, but let it be the Cowboy Bebop of Escapist and end it on a high, and amazing note


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