The 3rd Annual The Escapist Film Festival Winner Announced

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The 3rd Annual The Escapist Film Festival Winner Announced

The 3rd Annual The Escapist Film Festival had more entries than ever and the winner have been chosen.

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Huzzah for Dorian's Quest! I look forward to watching it.

Congrats to all winners, especially Dorian's Quest!

So wait, the viewers votes didn't count for the overall winner? I was under the impression that we got to pick the next series.

Wait a minute, which series are going to be featured around here from now on? Is it only Dorian's Quest, or is Pocket Monsters coming along for the ride? Are even more going to be featured than just those two? I'm confused...

Anywho, congrats and good luck to Dorian's Quest and its crew, it looks awesome!

Wasn't Pocket Monster the one leading yesterday? When I last checked it was...way better then Dorian's quest...

EDIT: Saw it now, under viewers choice, nvm, but why did Dorian's Quest get "grand prize". We didn't really have anything to do with that then...

The Viewer's Choice was a prize all it's own.

I'm quite surprised by how far some of the entries got, but still, I guess my mind doesn't reflect that of The Escapist staff. I still understand why Dorian's Quest won the award as it was a very well-made video and it did deserve the praise it got, I just preferred some of the other videos, as I would naturally.

Anyway, congratulations to all the winners, runners up, honourable mentions etc. and I have high hopes for Dorian's Quest when the first few videos start coming up.

COngrats to Dorians Quest! xD
And yaaaay, SharPhoe got third overall =] That's pretty good.


Dorians Quest was the one I voted for throughout the competition. Glad to see it'll have a more permanent stay now.

grats to Dorian's Quest but still would to see Pocket Monsters continue

OMG Aero:
So wait, the viewers votes didn't count for the overall winner? I was under the impression that we got to pick the next series.

The Grand prize winner was chosen by the escapist staff. The "viewers choice" category was a different prize entirely.

My thanks to the Escapist's judges; I'm pleased "Pitch Imperfect" was well received, and honored it was selected for best Animated Short.

Congratulations guys! I liked seeing all the new stuff!

Congratulations to the winners. I am a little surprised that we walked away with nothing at all though, I didn't think our show was that bad!

Thanks so much to everyone for all the support through out!! We're very excited and plan to bring you an amazing series! Can't wait to get started - more DQuest coming sooooon!

srry i felt that pocket monsters was better, i guess i was confused in thinking that we voted for the winner. o well, congrats to DQuest.

I'm a little disappointed that we don't get to see Pocket Monsters continue, Dorians Quest never really caught my interest in the first place. Aw, well. I'll probably watch the first few episodes and see if I lose/gain interest.

Congrats Dorian people!

Congratulations to DQuest and everyone else, and thank you to the Escapist Staff for recognizing us with an honorable mention. We had a lot of fun, and will definitely be back next year.

Oh man, I was really hoping that Pocket Monsters would win. It was very well-made and had some great potential.

I wasn't really interested by Dorian's Quest, honestly, but hopefully it will catch me off guard and really hold my interest when it continues.

Wow, I find the runners up of the Best Video category pretty disappointing overall. There were several other videos which I found to be head and shoulders above the three runners up in terms of concept, execution and production values, especially "Pals" which I found, as a lot of other people have commented, "unwatchable" and "unfunny". And I just watched the other two runners up and found them to be pretty dull as well. Virtual Reality seemed to be a pointless Jackass clone that could've been more coherent and Pixel Bitch was ok for a one off but pretty flat and not something I'd be interested in seeing more of.

Honestly, are you saying that without Dorian's Quest one of these three would've possibly been picked up as recurring content?! Can anyone else here say they'd be interested in watching multiple episodes of any of the runners up? (ok except maybe Virtual Reality because I'll admit there is something compelling about watching two people trying to hurt each other).

Glad to see Pocket Monsters got the viewer's choice though, I thought it was a clever idea and would've been a lot of fun as a series. And I am looking forward to Dorian's Quest, hope they can keep the good work going.

Well, so much for seeing more Pocket Monsters...

Actually, now that I think about it...

So, the prize for the winner is to be picked up as the new video series, right? And I presume that the new video series will be for your audience, right?

So you have a viewers choice section, right? And the winner of that, as chosen by your audience, isn't the one that gets picked up as a series?

I'm confused...

Not to begrudge Dorian's Quest, I did think it was great.

Congrats to the winners I guess.

Thanks for adding the special effects category! When Foxtrot first showed me the hummer explosion after spending all night working on it, my first thought was "Damn, too bad there wasn't a special effects selection". Glad to see it added in at the end though, and doubly so to see that we placed! Congrats to Pocket Monsters for taking home two prizes, and to Dorian's Quest for winning overall!

Pocket Monsters was by far the best one. i cant wait to see it! and sence it seems pokemon are making a come back ( IE, a group on facebook is getting everyone to change there pics to pokemon) i really hope we can see this form hear on.

Well PopFight did get honorable mention. So that's good. I thought buffering would be higher on the list though, oh well :)

I'm with everyone here. I think Pocket Monsters would have been a better choice not only for getting first pace in two awards but also because their was a sense of fimilarity to it and better special effects. Dorian's Quest looks good too but I think it'd be much better to have both rather than choose Dorian's Quest over Pocket Monsters. Congrates, though, to Dorian's Quest for winning.

Edit: Besides, they'll probally make more and post on youtube anyways.

I am very happy with the choice of Dorians Quest, It was simply the best video this year, and has the most potential to be a huge sprawling story.

I honestly find that choosing Dorian's Quest over Pocket Monsters shows poor judgment. Whether this was influenced by the fact that the DQ guys have made a series before or that PM was a lot like TWBB...I don't know. But I don't think Dorian's Quest was written at a level or conceptualized at a level that is remotely profound. For example: the only time I laughed in the 3 minute pilot was at a shallow masturbation gag. The rest of the time I was wanting it to end so my boredom would cease.

I don't mean to piss on your parade Dorian's Quest guys, I'm pretty sure you can make a series that's worth watching but as is I'm not at all interested.

Congrats to all winners

I liked Dorian's Quest, and did put out a vote for it (the one vote I made that wasn't Pocket Monsters)

But like many people have already said I'm a little disappointed that the "viewers choice" didn't really account for anything besides what effectively seems to be a situation like "Here, you can stand NEAR the winner's podium but don't get any ideas, you're only here because the people like you".

I mean wouldn't it make sense if you're looking for something to entertain your audience, that opting for the video that the majority voted for would've been the better option, no?

Ah well, like I said I liked DQuest enough to probably watch it when it starts.
I just really wanted to see some damn Pokémon...

How was Pitch Imperfect animated?

It's true that the term "animation" doesn't at all apply here. Still one of the better vids.

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