Unskippable: Dragon Age: Origins

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Dragon Age: Origins

Once again, the Bards are under represented.

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Graham and Paul have done it again, I really want to see them do fallout 3 though.

Man that cut scene felt liek it went on forever! Loved the dwarf jokes. I so want this game, bring on xmas!

I must buy this game now...


That's a spicy ban-ball.

Now I wonder - How would a dwarf fight; your shins would be all bruised and such; but surely you could stomp on them.

Aw, I was hoping for Uncharted 2. Still, hilarious episode.

"Maybe because it was FOUR HUNDRED YEARS AGO" made me laugh

Great as always guys.

Pretty good stuff! The wal-mart bit was pretty funny. Decent game if not a bit boring. I had a blast with it at first but quickly got bored with it after a few weeks. Never bothered finishing it.

Great game, and another good episode. I liked the Gauntlet reference, did not expect that.

Some good jokes, but not the best. I dunno, they just kinda felt alittle forced. Try the Witcher, that NEEDs to be mocked! ;)

Haha, the Walmart joke made me laugh :)

what I was thinking of was spawn from the comics the whole time through

just great, now the scary peacock will haunt my dreams

Meh. Wasnt as funny as others.

Hey, Peacocks can be scary, try walking around with like twenty of them about thirty steps behind you.

Not particularly funny, again.

Nerf Ninja:
Not particularly funny, again.

That's your taste, and in comparison to mine we think very differently.

If you don't like it why watch it? Badges

Should've done all the origins, not just human noble.

Did you guys go through all the different openings before deciding on the human noble?

Great video. Keep up the great work!

And the bards weren't "under-represented!" Who do you think was doing the music for the cutscene?

It sure as hell wasn't the Mages......their music sucks......

Ha! "And the ace of spades was there, for some reason..." He he... That was nice one. :)
Good job, guys! Even if I can't understand some of your jokes, it still so hilarious to me. Heh... :) Thanks. You created a new genre - "official lolification". Wish you luck.
P.S. Will you appear in the "Doomsday arcade" again?

nice two worlds reference "the taint magic" FTW

"the scary peacock ooOoooOOOooooOOOooooOoOOooh!"

new favorite quote of all time.

"with your beak-like nose and my shiny tunic, we will rape and pillage on our epic journey!"

So many damned reasons why Graham, Paul and LRR as a collective are amazing.

"Ow, right in the canticle.." Classic Paul!
"You -dumbasses-, we only had one!"

I quite like the monster generator line too, nicely done, sirs!
Actually.. Does the narrator actually sound like Graham? o.O

Koozland..? Coolsland..? KEWZland? Huh.

I always make sure I check the last little note thing at the end too. It too is often full of hilarity!


Nerf Ninja:
Not particularly funny, again.

That's your taste, and in comparison to mine we think very differently.

If you don't like it why watch it? Badges

that's retarded.

watch it because maybe this week's will be funnier. you never know.

Nice work but... If this was on 360, you could have skipped it by pressing X. I am sure the other systems have a skip button.

"Prehaps now we can do a monster mash!"

lol, as always hilarious!

"Darkspawn like this scary peacock! Oooh, scary peacock"

Awesome episode

Desert Tiger:
Should've done all the origins, not just human noble.

Agreed. I would love to hear Graham and Paul ripping apart each origin cut scene.

hahaha loved the Clone Wars reference/joke =]


I found the monster mash line a little too forced.

Eh, you guys have done better.

Of course, you've done worse. Noone wants to go back to the horror that was the Borderlands intro.

not one of the best but still pretty funny

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