Zero Punctuation: Holiday 2009

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Holiday 2009

This week, Yahtzee takes a look at Holiday 2009.

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Talk about killing my day, have a good vacation.

haha xD i want summer!

Fantastic! I'm laughed so hard.

Enjoy your summer holiday


Shortest Zero Punctuation Ever, brilliant bit at the end though.

Wow Yahtzee.. Holiday? Can't say I was expecting that.

Still, you made me laugh a little...but I died inside..

Who wants to bet if some fan is going to make his own ZP-episode this week instead like last time?

Enjoy your holiday, you smarmy ass.

Yep the snow is very picturesque thanks :P

No zero punctuation today??!!!

*starts to cry in a corner*

"why Yatzheee why????"

Damn you, Yahtzee!!!!!!!! I will have your head for this!

I was pumped for some funny.... This did surprise me though.

ha ha ha, enjoy your sweltering christmas...actually that sounds pretty good right about now.

hahahaha nice.

enjoy your holiday, yahtzmeister.

I love my family, or did before New Super Mario Bros Wii

The weather is very nice thank you.

That was funny! I'm not even mad!

That was fucking funny.

You know what, Yahtzee's never missed an update before, and it's Christmas, so I'll be forgiving.

Smug bastard.

Fair enough.

i was made for the cold

cant believe i stayed awake an extra 20 min just for that

hehe brilliant!..why are we here?! enjoy the holidays!

Have a good holiday Yahtzee

Heh. I have to admit. I chuckled.

This is a First Poster's dream. A ZP with only seconds to its content making it entirely possible to have watched 30 seconds after it first came out.

What just happened, I'm so confused. I was so looking forward to this, and then... you know what, just have a good holiday.

Have fun on your Holiday Yahtzee I hope you get a healthy dose of sunshine and beaches!

Well, enjoy your holiday.

No Zero Punctuation? Ah well it's understandable what with the holidays and all. "Merry Christmas Yathzee."

I certainly didn't expect that...
Enjoy your hell holidays, everyone.

BALLS. Oh well, next week.

Did anyone else expect something to pop up at the end? Even though it stopped playing...

Enjoy your holiday you earned it good sir.

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