Zero Punctuation: Holiday 2009

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Well the man has a point. Happy Holidays everybody.



[withdrawal symptoms]Haha funny prank yahtzee now wheres the real video?[/withdrawal symptoms]

Have a good holiday and come back even funnier!
I wonder what he is going to do for april fools

Noooooooooooooo! What a ripoff :P I feel Rickrolled

I was hoping the poor guy would get a vacation. Enjoy your summery Australian beaches with their complement of the hottest women in the world, Yahtzee!

Well thanks for taking the time to give us this at least! Merry Christmas Yahtzee!!

I don't see what the big deal is; this had to be Yahtzee's funniest video by far.

This would have been funnier if I didn't see the video say 1-24 seconds beforehand.

How can Yatzhee celebrate chirstmas? doesn't chirstianity goes agaist his (and has legions of fanboys's) belife that he is the only meaningful thing in the univerese?


I'm not surprised at all.

That was quick.

Enjoy your holiday. You crushed mine :( o well back to Maple Story.

I waited all week for this?!

Oh you bastard, well played, excuse me while I go freeze in my sub-zero temperatures, happy holidays Yahtzee and everybody else.

Haha, That...was just great. Was kinda expecting a holiday round told something else.

well yes, i DO have a family to resent, but since i'm home with them for the holdays, i can resent them from the comfort of my own home :P

Hahaha, cheered up my Wednesday regardless. Nice one. Enjoy your sunshine while we enjoy our four inches of snow here in Blighty.

Enjoy the not-snow Yahtzee.

And merry christmas to all.

Thats unfortunate. Enjoy summer you lucky bastard, while I'm here freezing my tits off!! xD


Enjoy your summer good sir.
Sadly, the weather here is very snowy at all.

wow, no just wow.

LOL well that took me by surprise. I'm perfectly fine by it, everyone deserves it.

Have a great holiday vacation Yahtzee.

hurry back yahtzee

I've always wanted to have summer in December.

Enjoy your holiday, you smarmy ass.


Well, a tad disapointed but who cares.
Was a bit funny.

i literally woke up 10 minutes ago thinking "IT'S ZERO PUNCTUATION DAY!" Imagine the disappointment...

When he comes back; it'll be a day before New Years Eve...Last year, he did one on New Years Eve, didn't he?

FINE! Go on your DAMN holiday...I don't care!!! I'll just be here... Without a Zero Punctuation video to brighten my day... *cries

Well, that sucked.

I've broken my leg by slipping on ice. =[ i hate winter.

twas funny enough, could of added the ending song for the hell of it

Didn't see that one coming.

No zero punctuation today??!!!

*starts to cry in a corner*

"why Yatzheee why????"

/sniffles. Agreed. Hold me.

/amusement, OR just go boot up the PS1 and preform the "Lionheart" limit break =p that always brings ME joy

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