Review: Zombie Driver

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Liquid Paradox:


In a strange twist of Fate, Steam drops there Christmas Sale with all Steam titles being up to 80% off, which puts the majority of their library under $10.

If you cant find something Cheaper than $10 a significantly better than Zombie Driver now, then you are simply not looking.

Why can't someone get the game, if they want to? Why do you have to sit in this thread to tell people not to get the game? Why can't people think for themselves once?

He never said not to get the game, he said there were games of far better quality also available, and as such it seems pointless to get this game just because of it's price. He is recommending that you don't get the game, not telling you. No point in getting upset over a recommendation, if you play it anyway and enjoy it, then all the power to you.

I'm not getting upset. I find it odd that he is sitting here trying to prove someone's opinion wrong. Just like it's my opinion to tell him that the games he named were mostly shit, and you'd be stupid to get any.

Well, to be fair, the way you worded it made it sound like you were upset, or at least annoyed.


Well yes, but there's somebody in the world who's bound to get enjoyment out of any game, especially one as cheap as this. So I can recommend it to a specific SUBSET of gamer, even if not to gamers as a whole.

I thought that was the point of modern gaming. Making games for people who don't normally play games.

I mean most of what is out now seems like really shiny but ultimately hollow versions of games in the past. Not all by any means, I have played some new games that made me very happy, but overall it just seems like someone realized that millions of people weren't playing video games and found out what they like "shiny turds". I don't hate them for it. Hate the shiny turd lovers if anyone and even then not much.


Why can't someone get the game, if they want to? Why do you have to sit in this thread to tell people not to get the game? Why can't people think for themselves once?

That was the general idea yes, for people to think for themselves and make their own decision based upon a broader selection of information.

The Reviewer is free to make their recommendation, I am free to disagree and make mine, you are free to disagree with that and make yours. And people reading this thread will make their way through the differing opinions, add the information to their own and make a decision for themselves.

Isn't the free trade of ideas and opinions grand? One could almost confuse this with a forum or something.

Meh, looks bland

"Happy Hollidays, You zombie bastards" reminded me of the funnies movie i might have ever seen. "Die You Zombie Bastards" its a tough to find indie film but it was funny as hell. and i only paid about 10 bucks for it. xD


Drive your car around the city saving people from the flesh hungry zombies. Earn money by successfully transporting people safely to the drop zone and by runnung over as many zombie freaks as you can.

Zombies can only damage your car in zombie driver.You pay for zombie driver.

Brought the game for $2, beat it and I'm now messing around with it's files to make the game more interesting.

i found this game to be more enjoyable than the flash game because the driving was fun.

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