The Escapist Presents: Holiday Survival Guide

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That was funny. I especially liked where Russ was excited about the Bacon Cookies

Wow. This was the first "The Escapist Presents" I've watched, but now I want to go back and watch them all. This was really funny, but now I'm interested in what "Big Daddying my Little Sister" is. Sounds hot.

Fantastic vid really. Seriously funny. Also was that an 8 bit version of Symphony of Destruction at the end level screens?

Man, I registered here purely for the purpose of commenting about that. I'm glad someone else noticed it.

Edit: A friend tells me that the song is from Doom or possibly Duke Nukem. He's not sure and I haven't really played either series, so...

This video was cheesy and that only made me love it more!

Well not really useful advise and a bit corney(fake talking at the end, ftw) but it was entertaining and it has BACON!!

I would so fail at stage two. If my parents caught me avoiding family they would just call me antisocial...again. When it's really, I have nothing interesting to talk about. As for preparation, that would be very easy.

wow that made me want watch the christmas carol O_o

I'll remember this for the end of the year. I went to a candy store some weekend ago in Universal Citywalk that sells alot of bacon based products including chocolate with bacon in it.

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