Escape to the Movies: Sherlock Holmes

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Sherlock Holmes

This week MovieBob investigates Sherlock Holmes.

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Video stops at 3:24

Kinda a shame too.

Amazing review. Sad to hear the plot isn't quite up to snuff, but I would imagine the characters would make up for it. ...and a sequel? Now that establishing the actors as the characters is out of the way... I could see that being potentially good.

Probably heading off to see this in the next day or so. Thanks for the review.

Video stops at 3:24

Kinda a shame too.

Worked fine for me =/ Did you try refreshing the page?

paul anderson:

Seriously? You make your very first post ever on this site... A 'first' post?

You sir... Have won this year's Christmas Forum Fail Award.

seeing as I can't open the rest of my presents till my grandparents get here at 10PM tonight, I might go see this. Surrogate Jew FTW?

paul anderson:

If you want people not to dislike your very existence on these forums you'll remember not to post "1st" next time.

Other than that welcome to the Escapist!

Great review. As i have nothing better to do this holiday, i plan on seeing this. Also, thanks for teaching me (yet again) the origination of an aspect of pop culture i dont pay much attention to: retcons and fanboyism.

I liked the review...

...But by the trailers I think Sherlock Holmes has been Americanised! If there is anything worse that can happen to good literature or film, it's Americanisation!

I never really made the Sherlock-House connection. Not that I should have, I've never really read any Sherlock Holmes, but still O.o

And what does VR mean? Apart from Virtual Reality?

My family is going to see this in an hour, glee!

You know what your getting with Guy Richie directed films,so I'll be sure to get around to this one eventually.
News to me that Doyle wrote Holmes as a substance abuser,always assumed Holmes was straight laced all the way.Which is why I've never really read a Holmes novel.
Guess I'll have to check a few out to see if the character has any more appeal now after that revelation.

paul anderson:

sort of a waste of an account, no? reported.

Video stops at 3:24

Kinda a shame too.

Same here...

talk about dedecation, for me it stopped at 4:46

Not a very detailed review in my opinion, but it's the holidays, so who cares? right?

I'm about to see this film in two hours with my family. If it does turn out to be horrifically average, so be it. However, I am relieved to hear that the lead actors performed well in this movie.

paul anderson:

GO TO HELL!!! and Merry Christmas!

Encyclopedia Brown...How did I predict that?

I guess I'll go see this, as I kind of liked the new image of Holmes.

News to me that Doyle wrote Holmes as a substance abuser,always assumed Holmes was straight laced all the way. Which is why I've never really read a Holmes novel.

Yeah, Holmes was actually quite messed up, at least by todays standards.

For some film versions of this, watch "Without a Clue" and "The Seven-Per-Cent Solution".

The chance of a sequel being made?

Elementary, my dear Moviebob.

If you're going to have a "re-imagining" of a franchise, then I'd much rather it was done this way than a certain sparkly vampire, mega-booming robots or insipid spy stories that are less scary than reality.

If re-makes are all we're left with, I'd rather go this way than the explosion-centric, reality-divulgent, dumbed down shlock we're being force fed of late.

I'm just minorly upset that there wasn't some allusion to Holmes favourite snort though; even House had his vicodin. (SO not cocaine at all)

Anyway, Hugh Laurie needs to get ready for Half-Life: The Movie. ;)

Wow, House actually is SHERLOCK HOLMES, now that you mention it. Thought provoking review!

Funny how I wasn't expecting a review this week.
Merry Christmas, Bob. Nice to see you care.

Onyx Oblivion:
Wow, House actually is SHERLOCK HOLMES, now that you mention it. Thought provoking review!

But that... that means....


I knew it! They called me mad, but now I have proof!

Also, the review cuts out at 3:24 for me as well, despite refreshing the page five times. Ah well, it's Christmas, the Associate Apprentice Assistant to the Guy Who Makes The Videos Not Cut Off Early is probably wasted on eggnog. I'll check back later.

I thought after watching the trailers that maybe House and Wilson were pretty similar to Sherlock and Watson. Apparently I'm not the only one.

4:13 and it stops =-(

I got all of the video except for 4:44-4:52. Skipped ahead with clicks.

can't wait to see this film,looks awesome.

FWIW, i.e. the House thing - next time you're watching, check out the number on House's apartment, the various Doyle books that turn up in the background and how frequently (at least twice, I think) the name Irene Adler turns up.

Good review. Looking forward to seeing it even though the plot may be a bit weak.

I'm glad he gave spoiler alerts this time, he spoiled a lot in zombieland. I'll watch this review after I see the movie.

Blargh, the theater announced they had sold out a few moments after we arrived, so we're going to end up seeing it some indeterminate time next week. Now to avoid spoilers...

paul anderson:

Saying this in a proud manner on Christmas day of all days is as pitiful as this sentence is ironic.

I'm still on the fense about Downey Jr. playing Holmes. All the actors in Britan and they got an American to play him?

So how come Movie Bob can get a Christmas week video in but Yahtzee can't?


Definitely going to see this movie when my Grandma arrives where I live!

I didn't see the entire video, mostly because I don't want to be spoiled, but also because the video stopped for some reason in the middle.

...Just wondering, ARE you going to review The Princess and the Frog?

Going to see this tommorow...Hopefully, will be entertaining at the least

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