MovieBob's Best Of 2009

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MovieBob's Best Of 2009

MovieBob lists his Top Ten films of 2009.

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Interesting choices. I would probably not pick Watchmen to be at the top but oh well. This year was kinda meh for movies.

I'm going to disagree, and put "Up" as THE BEST movie. Otherwise, a fine list.

I'd have picked similar for the top 4. This years not been blessed, but next year...

A number of films that are either god-awful turkeys or genius. (The A-Team, Tron 2, Iron Man 2 etc.)

Interesting choices. I would probably not pick Watchmen to be at the top but oh well. This year was kinda meh for movies.

heresy watchmen was one of the best films of all time, I think that it is a brilliant list.

I haven't seen several of these movies unfortunately, but I know that a couple film major friends have serious crushes on Watchmen, so I'm not wont to disagree. Also, props for making Sarah Palin into a term for "piece of crap" as it ought to be. was either Avatar or District 9 on the list, huh? I guess I have to agree on that. I mean, Avatar is one of MY top ten for '09, but District 9 is my #1 (Watchmen is in my top 5, but I can't decide). I guess the all roo familiar story and archetypical? characters kinda kept it from completely blowing me away. I would've hoped fo a few more unexpected twists in the story.

Blindside? No Jennifers body?

Nice list, basically what I had.

Granted my worst movie was Transplosions: Explosion of the Exlosions Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

I never bothered to watch The Blind Side, mainly because it just seems so damn predictable and cliché.

And the top 3, I have the same movies, although not in that particular order.

Distorted Stu:
Blindside? No Jennifers body?

Jennifer's Body was probably worse, but it just petered off and died, and we won't have to hear of it again.

Blindside we will have to deal with it for a while, which is why I'm guessing he's saying its the worst.

I'd disagree with Watchmen, but that's just because it ddn't feel right to me. It was good, but I just couldn't enjoy it after the book. The voices seemed wrong, everything just seemed ... off somehow. Probably just me though, seeing how everyone else seemed to enjoy it.

Good list. Watchmen seems to be a really polarising film. People who like it love it and those who dn't seem to hate it. It's got lots of really good 10/10 reviews and some poor ones too. I would put Watchmen as my #1 as well.

No Star Trek ?

Heh, you might want to see his Star Trek review before you ask that Xanthious.

Nothing about The Hangover. That came out in 2009... It was the funniest movie I had ever seen...

D9 #1 for me.
didnt watch A Serious Man and Moon yet. Rest i agree.

You know, the list spoke to me up until the Watchmen. I went in hoping to absolutely adore the film, even cracked out a deliciously hair brained scheme to sneak in an under-seventeen friend and fan (which actually proved more entertaining than the movie). But by the time the credits rolled, we were both just left with a sense of... meh?

I've honestly never seen a movie so badly raped, broken, and pissed on by it's own music direction. There were a few bright moments, the chilling sort dissonance during the Comedian's murder scene, the opening montage, etc. But others... others just erupted into horrific movie holocausts, that damn protracted Hallelujah scene, All Along the Watchtower breaking all the immersion during the Artic ride (dammit, I don't care if the song was quoted at the chapter preface, the lyrics had relevance, the tone of the song does not!).

It's a shame really, as I love most of the music used on their own individual merits. Also... it seems as though the things meant to lend its R-rating, were the most artificial and cheap. Yay, so the curse about three times as much as they do in the actual novel. I'm not anti-swear word or anything, but use a curse to give a sentence shock value, if a statement is already loaded with weight and gravitas, then throwing in a curse word takes all of the bite out of it. And they would give the most ridiculously brutal fight scene, to the two campiest characters. I mean really, only one good bloody romp for Rorschach, but Nite Owl and Silk Spectre are breaking necks and delivering compound fractures? No. If you want to highlight brutality, add those visceral effects to Rorschach's apartment brawl.

*Sigh* off the soapbox now. Yeah, I just can't see Watchmen as number one, and only in a seriously apologetic mood can I put it in the top five.

I would have definetly put Avatar higher up there.

Although do agree on worst film!

[quoteAll Along the Watchtower breaking all the immersion during the Artic ride (dammit, I don't care if the song was quoted at the chapter preface, the lyrics had relevance, the tone of the song does not!).

I agree that it pulled you out of the movie, but for me personally it did it in an interesting way. It made me feel a little sad and melancholic, because I knew the ride was coming to an end just when the relationship dynamic was at its best. The ending always hits me hard because Rorshach and Night Owl develop an almost-sort-of-kinda buddy cop vibe by the end, and I know whats coming.

Incredible how you named The Blind Side the worst movie of the year. Well, whatever, that was a good list either way.

I wanted Watchmen to be a miniseries, because I still don't think it was a good idea to just cram everything together like that.

So I didn't really enjoy Watchmen that much but if I would pick any movie to be the "most important film of 2009" - it would be Watchmen. Maybe District 9 too.

Oi, you forgot Let The Right One In.

I'd put Avatar at best movie, but I guess thats just me >.>

Bob, you're great, and I share your respect for the impossible task of making "Watchmen" into a bearable film, but the best one of the year? Sure, it had a lot of cool gore and sex, and for someone like me, that's really all that matters, but as a movie, I just feel it didn't work.
Still, awesome list.
And Rorschach is fucking sweet.

I would put Paranormal Activity and Drag Me to Hell in there just because they weren't your standard hollywood horror-gore movie. Coraline also deserves a Gottsmik-aprroved stamp.

Also I find Inglourious Basterds glouriously overrated.

I would have put UP as number one no question. But then again, I hated watchman, most likely because I hated the graphic novel too, so I wasn't really giving it a chance.

No Star Trek ?

I'd suggest you watch his Star Trek review, he didn't like it.

It seems odd to me that in your review, you said that District 9 was the "best film of summer 2009" and you rank it below Up, that was released in that time.
And "Up" is the best film of 2009. And you should have given an honorary mention to Avatar. It is a super break trough in film making, be it an amazing film or just a good one.

Still, Pixar rule. Just "Partially Cloudy" (the short before Up, if you haven't seen it) was better than most of the films made this year.

It seems you neglected to watch the Hurt Locker, which was by far better than all of these movies combined and multiplied by 10. I've actually seen a majority of those on the list and enjoyed all the ones I saw. Fantastic Fox should be higher on the list, and I actually just got back from Up in the Air and I really enjoyed it. And the Informant was better than Watchmen in my opinion.

But seriously, the Hurt Locker is best film of the year but I'm guessing you didn't see it so you can't really rate a movie you haven't seen.

Casual Shinji:
Oi, you forgot Let The Right One In.

Came out last year, friend. I actually loved that movie and would probably have put it as the best film of 2008.

Bugger. I've seen most of those. Interesting choices, but then, it has been a really fantastic year for cinema. Fantastic Mr Fox, Up, District 9, Avatar, Watchmen, Where the Wild Things Are, Drag Me to Hell, Bad Lieutenant, Coraline, 2012, Boondock Saints II, Zombieland, and GI Joe just to name the familiar ones, not to mention the untold names...

Good year.

Good to see somebody else giving The Brothers Bloom some love :)

Did you have the misfortune of seeing All About Steve? Another blonde!Sandra Bullock movie that is creepy and awkward and horribly cast and ... BAD. Oooh my word.

where's Zombieland and the Hangover.

Yeah, the blue dick in the face every few minutes was the only hindrance to fully loving Watchmen, but it was amazing. I have not seen UP yet, but I"m buying Inglorious and District 9 asap.
Thank you Bob for not selling out and saying Avatar was a top movie. That would be a shame.

I just finished the hangover an hour ago for hte second time and I still laughed the same way as the first time. It was an awesome movie and ought to get some mentioning. It went where Avatar went with computer animation techniques and budgeting but with comedy and etiquette of what you can get away with putting on film and getting it into theaters.

I'm surprised you didn't put New Moon as your worst movie. Everything you said defined your choice as worst movie could also have been used to define why New Moon is so bad.

"Blind Side, on the other hand, is the kind of treacly, sentimental awfulness that manages to sucker enough people into falling for it that it weeds its way into the popular culture and doesn't go away for years. A clichéd, condescending brew of feel-good nonsense that retrofits a potentially fascinating story........ inexplicably popular bucket of fluff getting by on make-believe "folksy" sincerity and cynical superficial pandering to the "wholesome, old-fashioned values" crowd. It's the Sarah Palin of motion pictures."

Come on, am I the only one who thinks that sounds a hell of a lot like New Moon? But then if you did make it your choice of worst of 2009 the twilight fan backlash would have been immense so I can understand his desire to not subject himself to their whining.

Okay, might as well do this at least ONCE...

Regarding any and all of the following films: "Coraline," "Brothers," "Observe & Report," "Drag Me to Hell," "Hurt Locker," "Ponyo," "Paranormal Activity," "Bad Lieutenant" and "Invictus;" if it was a top TWENTY list, they'd have made it.

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