Reliable Source: How Tetris Ruined Christmas ‘89

Reliable Source: How Tetris Ruined Christmas '89

Marion Cox misses the boat to Vegas and remembers a not-so-happy Christmas.

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Another great piece!
Funny, imaginative and well written.

Honestly, I'm more depressed than anything else by this one. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that I've spent last christmas alone, and this year my GF's on the other side of the country.

Sounds familiar.... is all of the Korean War generation like that?

Ha! Nice article man. I've actually enjoyed these more and more since you took over. Well done. I for one like the desert, and you can get water from the cacti! Just cut them open with your trusty Zune! They're waterproof aren't they?
Have you ever eaten a live lizard? I hear they're tasty.

I loved these two articles about the Spike VGAs. Raoul Duke would be proud of how you covered the event.

Your 'standard' reliable sources are great fun, but I actually like your stories better. This one, the dad-story, the Spike VGA's..I say, turn this column into a réal column!

Those commie bastards ruined your Christmas!

i'll take care of those commies!

Wow that's a pretty horrific story. I loved the part where the tetris music played him off.

AWE-some :P

This is one of the best articles I have ever read!
Well done, I'm going to be keeping my eye on you.

Ah, the description brings the classic "bu-ding!" of the Gameboy back to me.

Great article, I really liked it.
I had some doubts when you took over this column, but I am glad to see I was mistaken.
Really loved the part about your stealthy ninja mission to get the gameboy, and I lament your failed wisdom check. :P

If you had dressed like a ninja you wouldn't have been found out.

AWE-some :P

Agreed! Loved the article! Gave me a giggle lol

This was pretty amusing, especially the prawn-cactus.

Huh, you know I never really realized just how much my life changed when I got a gameboy.

Damm that was entertaining! Your Dad sounds like a dick for doing that though, hope you did get a Game Boy eventually.

Fantastic article! Just a shame that Nintendo ruined Christmas for you I suppose.

Haha, hilarious - good job.

Seems like your father saw his son getting too caught up in the materialist gift portion of Christmas and decided to remedy it the only way he knew how. This article depressed me more than anything else.

Great stuff, Marion! Looking forward to the next entry into the series.

The Gameboy "ding" comment brought back a lot of memories for me as well. I can still hear it like i just played it yesterday. Funny how that works...


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