'Twas a Night of Great Gaming

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'Twas a Night of Great Gaming

Gather 'round, children! It's time for a holiday story.

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That was a fantastic poem, but it raises the question:

What the heck went on inside Mikey's head?

Haha that was awesome. The Duke line made me lol th ehardest. So saving those lyrics!

Happy Holidays Escapist crew! Thank you so so much!

That was a win. So much humor in there that I loved.

That was a good one. well done everyone that took part, and Merry Fethmas to you all.

Happy Holidays Escapist staff, and great video!

Gather 'round, children! It's time for a holiday story.

That was awesome. Major props to the Editorial and Video teams.

Merry/Happy Christmas/Holidays !/!

That was great.

This made my day.

Merry Christmas, you lovely bunch of people.


Gather 'round, children! It's time for a holiday story.

That was awesome. Major props to the Editorial and Video teams.

Thanks! This was a fun project. Merry Christmas to All!

That was... interesting. And fun.
Merry Christmas everybody.

'twas awesome espacists, we love you!

For here it is Merry Christmas...

That was.......(faints)
(Random guy comes along, pokes body)
RG: He fainted from all the awesomeness. Hes gonna be out for a while. I'll take care of him.

Brilliant poem, lot of work went into that, well done you lot

the most awesome thing i have ever seen on the escapist, nah screw it, on the entire internet, i laughed and most of all i got in to the holiday cheer, thank you and merry Christmas (also to those of you who celebrate it tomorrow)

I'd say "made of win", but I won't. Brilliant reworking of an old classic though!

MERRY XMAS, and DETH to all!

(in reference to the Dethklok game they're making)

That was ridiculously amazing.
My day has been made.

Good Game.

that was quite funny.

That was awesome. My mom came into my room to ask me something and asked what I was watching suspiciously because of the grin on my face.

Happy Holidays Everyone

Love it! It's like my "Night Before Pwnmas". But better.

twas a great tune for the ipod or zune
best be for sale less later than soon

this filled me with holiday spirit, and we don't even celebrate Christmas here!

Fantastic. Rewriting a poem to use the same style and structure, but with different words. It's sure to catch on. Top form!

That was awesome. Great work guys!
Merry Christmachanukwanzaafestivusnewyear everyone!

Very good stuff. Excellent job guys!

That was brilliant, well done to anyone involved in the production. And merry christmas everyone.

Happy Holidays Escapists,
Ive opened my presents already and its only 3AM :)

Splendid, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Many thanks and merry christmas.

no words can describe how good you guys and gals were.

Really cool guys!
Merry Christmas to you all!

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